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A Tattered Love Review...


A Tattered Love
Genre: Suspenseful Romance

Release Date: October 3rd, 2013

Riley Miller wants nothing more than to leave her past behind and never speak of it again. The damage caused by what has happened has made her build walls keeping people out. Starting over isn't easy. After a move to Cape Cod to escape the dark and haunting secrets, she meets Abby and Evan. Instantly becoming best friends, shy and quiet Riley tries to break out of her shell with the help from her new friends. Just as she begins to settle into a comfortable routine, Riley meets Evan's friend Dustin.

Life as Riley knows it will never be the same.

Looking for love is the last thing on Dustin’s to do list, if it’s even on there at all. Living with some significant secrets of his own, Dustin tries to keep from getting in too deep with anyone. But, he finds himself drawn to the timid, yet stunning Riley. Can they both accept the past and develop a relationship? Or will the skeletons in both of their closets keep them from ever moving on?


By Cindy:

 Riley has learned to be alone. Only relying mainly on herself for most of her adult life. Due to her past with her family she has put up walls to protect herself from any more pain. When she moves to Cape Cod she meets Abby, Evan and soon Dustin, she is finding it hard to keep people out. What I liked about Riley is she is tough, but also has a tender side. With everything that's happened to her she is just trying to live one day at a time.
         Dustin oh my sweet Dustin. He is a sexy, sweet, and a very charismatic guy. He also happens to come from money. I instantly LOVED Dustin. Now his mother, not so much. She is a complete BITCH. Oh how I LOVED to HATE her. She thought money and her place in the community was more important then her kids. I kept hoping for Dustin to tell her off. Tell her GO TO HELL!!!
         I LOVED the instant connection Riley and Dustin feel for each other. I LOVE, a love at first sight book. These two had so much chemistry. I enjoyed the scenes between them. Even when things were not great you could still feel these two really loved each other. That they needed each other.
        Abby and Evan!!!!! Ok I just freaking LOVED these two. They are just so perfect together. They seemed to have the perfect relationship. They were such good friends to both Riley and Dustin. Kept trying to get these two to work things out. Never giving up on them. I would really LOVE a story about them  Nickie Seidler. I would LOVE to see how they meet, and watch their love grow.
        Overall, I have to say A Tattered Love was an enjoyable and entertaining read.  Once I started I had to keep reading seeing that Riley and Dustin get their HEA. There's some HOT and sexy scenes. There is  some romance, and  even some angst, and a whole lot of drama thrown in. There were so many different twists in A Tattered Love. I felt like I was on a crazy ride. But of course, it was a freaking AWESOME ride. Another thing I loved no cliffhanger by the end, its all wrapped up nicely with a cute blue bow on top. (You'll See)!! I gave it 4 1/2 stars .      

By Ashley:

I absolutely loved this book.  The flow was a bit rough but the characters and plot made up for it.  I honestly don't know which couple I was cheering for more Abby and Evan or Riley and Dustin.  Dustin's mother and ex were a real piece of work but their parts were a much needed part of the book.  I love how Nickie always seems to have a major cause that she themes her books around, this book followed the theme of bullying, which is where the mother and ex come into play.  But it was also largely based around family, I loved seeing Riley and her sister come together again.

Nickie is an amazing author and I can't wait to read her next book whatever it may be.  I'm hooked!

Rating: 4 1/2  out of 5 stars due to some flow issues.


Born and raised in the Chicago-land area, Nickie Seidler is a up and coming young author. Her new-found dream of being a writer has led to the completion of her first book "A Lucky Second Chance". Nickie is married, and when not writing, enjoys cooking new recipes for them to try, water aerobics, car racing and spending quality time with family and friends. She is currently writing her third book to be released early 2014.

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