Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wild West Succubus Spotlight...

1869 Kansas
A woman damned…
Priscilla Goodnight, a widow in the harsh Kansas frontier, has a cattle ranch to run. She can’t afford to reveal any cracks in her tough exterior or indulge in sexual liaisons with her ranch hands. But a hungry succubus can only exercise so much self-restraint, making discretion, disguise and memory-wiping her top managerial skills.
The mysterious stranger who knows her darkest secret…
Priscilla doesn’t remember hiring the man with the wily smile and the flannel voice. At all. Men as physically appealing as Hugo Desmond rarely escape her bed, let alone her memory. And how is he able to move so fast, yet nobody notices but her?
Is she his target, his mission or his bait?
Hugo is a gargoyle—a specially-trained executioner—sent to purge the west of evil. With succubi falling squarely in demon territory, Priscilla has every reason to fear him … yet she can’t stay away. Hugo says he needs her help and wants to save her soul. But is redemption possible for a woman as wicked as Priscilla, or will love thaw her heart just enough for Hugo to crush it?

While this book intrigued me I felt that to much happened in the short 79 page book (or there about).  I feel it would be better as a full length novel where we could find out what happens with Pris and Hugo.  It was still a great book!  You met succubi, demons, gargoyles and could you possibly go wrong with that.  There were a couple minutes where I was confused because things happened so quickly but it was a quick and fun read.

4 out of 5 stars

Lila Shaw is the pen name for a wee hours author of erotic romance and romantic comedy. She also writes adult fiction (romance, suspense and short stories in all genres) and non-fiction as Claire Gillian, and young/new adult fiction under a third pen name. She adores writing about strong-willed women and the clever, charming (and well-endowed) men who love them. She believes if you can’t occasionally laugh at human foibles, and especially the physical aspects of love, you’re taking life far too seriously … unless the condom breaks, then you have every right to fret.

Lila lives in the Portland, OR area with her family and is a full-time submissive to The Man, serving quality bondage time from 8 to 5 in a cluttered cubicle.

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