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A Sleep So Dark Review...

Title- A Sleep So Dark
By-Inara Scott
Genre- YA

Expected Publication Date- October 7th, 2013


After watching her mother die in a car accident, sixteen year-old Tandy McIntyre is plagued by violent dreams. Terrified to sleep and losing her grip on reality, she agrees to attend an experimental group retreat with Dr. Robert Gillman, an expert in lucid dreaming.


In the bitter cold of a Colorado winter, Tandy follows Dr. Gillman and his enigmatic son Cade as they lead a group of troubled teens into the wilderness. There, Dr. Gillman claims he will teach them to control their unconscious minds and master their dreams. But when the dreaming and the waking collide, will Tandy ever be safe again?

Don’t Fall Asleep…



By Rachel:

  • Tandy McIntyre has been traumatized by the death of her mother in a car accident and is losing sleep from the nightmares that make her relive the incident, again and again. Her father, wanting to help her, sends her to an experimental dream program, run by a doctor Gillman. 

    Cade Gillman finds himself in constant conflict with his father and is only helping him in the program so he can save up enough money for his means of escape, college. He knows better than most his father's obsession with dreaming and controlling dreams, but even he could never predict the lengths his father is willing to go to, or the tragic results.

    I greatly enjoyed how this book explored the mysteriousness of dreams and the very fine line between dreaming and reality. I loved exploring the dreams of Tandy and how it related to her main conflict; her relationship with her mother and how she was having trouble letting go of her mother and her constant, driven goal in making her the gymnast that her mother never could be.
    Cade also has a tense relationship with his father and I think this is a theme that many young adult readers could relate with; a tense relationship with a parent or loved one and trying to find their own path, perhaps disappointing those they love.

    There were a few conversations after some tragic events have happened, which made me wonder;why are they having this conversation now? Also the secondary characters are not as well-developed as Tandy and Cade and I had trouble connecting with them, especially when events started to catch up with them. 

    Tandy and Cade, however, did keep me reading and there was much about the book that is really fascinating, especially little titbits about how other cultures felt about dreams and Cade's shamanistic ability to walk in and out of other people's nightmares.

    I give this book 3.5 pleasant dreams, out of 5.


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