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Take A Gamble Cover Reveal...

Gamble cover



One summer.
One chance meeting.
One devastating phone call.
MacKenna Trist is not happy about spending a month with her family in Myrtle Beach. She would rather be at home, hanging out with her friends, before starting her senior year of high school. That is, until she meets the guy staying in the beach house next door.
Roe Gamble is speechless when he first lays eyes on Mac. Normally, pretty girls are his specialty but not this girl. From this girl, he wants more. More of everything. More than she can give him. Most importantly, more time to show her how he feels about her.
But time is working against them in more ways than one.
How much time do you really need to fall in love?
What would you gamble to hold onto it?


I watch as he crushes out the cigarette in the sand and covers the evidence. I’m still staring at his foot as he steps out of the shadows. I want to look up, to see if his face is even half as beautiful and seductive as his voice but my eyes are glued to his feet. He had nice feet. I normally hate feet. Feet are ugly and there is a reason that they are normally hidden in shoes. His feet, however, are nice looking feet.
“Do you happen to have a name?” His voice has taken on a sultry tone. He’s flirting with me. Maybe this summer won’t be as boring as I thought it would be.
“Mac,” I squeak out, still staring at his foot.
I see his hand come into view and then disappear. I feel the heat from his hand only seconds before he touches my chin and begins to lift my head. I close my eyes as sensation after sensation course through my body. His touch has lit me on fire.
“Open your eyes for me, Mac.” I do as I’m told. His eyes, a deep shade of brown from what I can see in this lighting, are staring back are me, smiling at me mischievously. “I’m Roe.”
I open my mouth to speak but nothing comes out. How embarrassing. I am literally speechless right now and I don’t even know this guy. I try again but he puts his finger over my lips and pulls me into the shadows. I was so distracted by the beautiful face in front of me that I didn’t hear people coming down the beach.
Now, as I watch them walk past us, without even noticing us standing there, all I can focus on is his arm around my waist holding my back against his bare chest. I know that I should pull away, that I don’t know this guy but my body has other ideas. Just as the voices start to dissipate, my body shudders against him and I hear him groan quietly.
I finally pull away and turn towards him. He steps out of the shadows and for the first time I take him in from head to toe. He’s all male. Muscular, toned and his grin, the one he’s giving me right now, is wicked. His hair needs to be cut. There’s one curl that is hanging down onto his forehead and just as I am about to reach up and push it back, he does it himself. Bottom line, this guy is gorgeous. I need to be careful or I will get myself in serious trouble.


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Rachael Brownell author photo

Rachael Brownell was born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where she currently resides with her boyfriend and son. She is a graduate of Grand Valley State University where she studied Advertising and Public Relations.
In 2005, Rachael met the love of her life, Jeremy. Then, in 2007, they welcomed their only child, Nicklas. When Nicklas started Kindergarten, Rachael decided to indulge herself in her passion for writing again. Her first two books, Holding On & Unglued, were picked up by Tate Publishing. Rachael decided that she also wanted to self-publish some of her work. She was able to make that dream a reality in November of 2013 when she published A Secret Life.
When she’s not working, building Lego’s or writing her next book, Rachael enjoys scrapbooking, photography and is an avid reader.

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