Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cowboy In My Pocket Review...

This is a humorous contemporary cowboy romance with a sexy but clueless hero, an amnesiac bride, marriage of convenience, crafty sidekick, sex on horseback and the requisite flop-eared dog. A story packed with cliches--proof that they're cliches for a reason.


Reviewed by Kayla:

I really enjoyed this read. It was a good book. I really liked the characters. "I'm not shouting!" he paused, glared at her with a sheepish expression, then quietly admitted, "Okay. I was shouting. I'm sorry." I mean the boy goes to extremes at times, "for sharing a room, dammit," he shouted. 'For sex, Lee. You know, S, E, X? That thing people do when they sleep together?" I mean Lee she gets the surprise of her life when Tag gets all naked, "Tag peeled the worn jeans and plaid boxers down his long legs, but Lee's gaze stopped at the juncture of his thighs. Everything she'd read about cowboys must be true, she thought, almost hysterically. No wonder they made such popular heroes in romances." Tag seems like a really interesting guy. Michelle is a strong character and I enjoyed reading about her and Tag. I really enjoyed this cowboy romance. This is a romantic comedy that I thoroughly enjoyed. Tag really wants to get married. If he doesn’t marry by his 40th birthday his grandfather will sign the deed away to someone else. His grandparents are on a mission to get him married. Michelle is a romance author to learn more about the American west. She wants to write the next best seller about a cowboy. This book was really a great read. I would highly recommend this book if you like cowboys and a comedic romance. I give it 4 out of 5 stars!

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