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The Right Kind of Wrong Review...

Title:  The Right Kind of Wrong
Author:  Emily Wood
Series:  Rags to Riches Series Book Three
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Maybe only someone who's been behind bars can understand how to set her free.

Fresh out of jail, Jamie Pierce is desperate to change his ways and become a better person.  He wants to earn enough money to get out of London for good and live a quiet life somewhere in the country.  But then he meets Harriet Jones, a beautiful young fashion designer who is plagued by self-doubt, and suddenly leaving doesn't seem so simple.

Harriet has spent years trying to win her father's affection, but time and time again she's been left feeling that she just isn't good enough.  When she starts to fall for her rough-around-the-edges neighbor, she knows her father would never approve.

It was only meant to be a fling, but maybe the person who seems so wrong for her could be just the kind of person she needs.  Can Jamie help Harriet learn to believe in herself, or will she remain trapped in her own prison of self-doubt?

*Content Warning - explicit sex*


By Missy

Ellis caught Harriet staring out the window again & startled her by asking "who's the hottie". Harriet told her the stranger was back. He just looked out of sorts with the neighborhood... clothes were worn out, distressed jeans and lumberjack boots. Ellis was picking on Harriet again because all she ever did was work and something would have to be pretty big to distract her from her work. Ellis said "so go talk to him" but she could never do that. It was almost time for Ellis to go. She was moving on with her life. Some people thought they were sisters because they were so close and Harriet almost wish she was. Harriet had had an unhappy childhood, her mother and sister had been killed in a car accident when she was 11 and her father had grown so distant she felt as if he wished it had been her who had died. Now all alone she kept thinking about her conversation with Ellis about the stranger. No her father would never approve at all. She had spent her childhood trying to make him proud of her and it never seemed to work. She even married a man, Nathan, she didn't love, because her father liked him. Now she was in the middle of a divorce, working constantly making designs of work type clothing. A few days later, when she got home she heard a whistling  and she turned to see the stranger. He walked up and said "I'm Jamie" holding out his hand. She looked at him and then down at the ground shyly and then he laughed. She didn't like to be laughed at but told him her name then she told him her name. The next day had been pretty bad, the rain wouldn't stop, her car broke down yet again & she had to take a bus which she hated and that made her late for work and her boss caught her. She would finally be home soon and then get started on new designs since her boss decided they were going in a new direction. In a rush to get into the house she slips and all her work hits the ground and so does she. Then she hears "his" voice. He helps her up and into the house. Her body has a strange tingling she has never experienced before running through it where he touched her to help her up. She thanks him and he says he should go but she is at war with herself. On one hand she wants him to stay as she has never felt this way about anyone before but on the other hand she knows she needs to get the designs done. Ellis's words come back into her mind and one thing leads to another and she throws caution to the wind. The next morning she wakes up in his arms and about goes over the edge with all the work she didn't get done. They have a falling out and he leaves. She ends up calling into work so she can get the designs done then spends the rest of the day thinking about Jamie. They have a heart to heart talk later and make amends. She wants to be with him more than she can believe. All her life she has been made to feel unworthy and undesirable but he makes her feel such the opposite. He tells her all the time she is beautiful and talented and that she should be making more than just work clothes. She then finds out he has been in jail before and they again have a falling out. She has been alone for a week and miserable without him so she decides to go out with her work assistant. She meets up with her and some of her friends. They all exclaim how beautiful her dress is and ask where she got it. This was one she had been making of her own, that Jamie told her she could start her own business with. Her plan is to have a couple glasses of win then go home, but the evening doesn't pan out that way. They end up going to another high price club and her assistant tells her they are meeting up with some guys. She meets Issac and immediately doesn't like him. She has a couple more drinks and she decided she really must go because she isn't feeling to good. She goes to leave in her cab but Issac talks her into sharing, so she agrees but isn't really happy about it. When she gets home and gets out she turns around and Issac is out of the cab and he has sent it away. He is all over her and now she is scared. She tells him no she doesn't want anything to do with him but he is pushing her against a wall. All of a sudden Jamie is there and he takes care of Issac and sends him off. He is still angry and starts to walk away when he sees her collapse. She wakes up the next morning with the headache of all headaches. And again he is there to take care of her. In the middle of her night out she came to the realizations that she understood how he had made a mistake by what he did to be put in jail and by not telling her right off but he is making a better person of himself so she doesn't care, she wants to be with him. He asks her if she needs anything then starts to leave. She tells him what happened the night before and then she asks him to move in with her because she is ready for this next step in their relationship, so they get him a key. Not long after Jamie comes home planning to make a nice dinner for her as a surprise and he was the one who got the surprised instead. Her father was standing in the kitchen when he got there. They had words and things were not going to well. Jamie's temper was growing and her started to see red so he knew the best thing was to get out of there, so he left. When Harriet got home her father was still waiting and he started to give his opinion on the situation. She wished jamie was there then but she took over as she knew she should. She put her foot down and told her father what needed to be said, many years of pent up frustration and anger was released. then she left him standing there with his mouth gaping open. She went in search of Jamie to find out what happened. She searches everywhere but can't find him so she goes back home. When she gets there she finds Jamie sitting on the step waiting for her. He tells her he is going to leave the city. That he doesn't think he is good enough for her and that he wants to be better for her. She tells him that she is proud to call him her boyfriend, that she doesn't need someone who is rich or has a perfect job. He tells her he wants to be wherever she is. Then she asks him what if I am away from here too. He looks at her and says but your life and job is here. But she tells him "no, I quit my job, my job always filled the hole in my life, before you came along, and now I know there is more to life than work and I love you. It didn't matter what her father or other people thought about her or about their relationship. They were together now and they were happy. 

I found the book flowed along smoothly and quickly. It was nice for a quick read. It left me wanting to see it go on into another book. I have never read anything from this author but found I enjoyed this. She (the author) hit on thoughts & feelings that many women experience ie  the father who was distant, the marriage that didn't work out, the unworthy & feelings of being undesirable. It was nice to see how she worked that in & how the character  overcame all those feelings and thoughts and in doing so she found the man she loved, she was going to move on with her work and she was now enjoying life and not just working constantly. This books definitely deserves a thumbs up and a great recommendation. 

Author Bio:

I have always believed that the best stories are the ones that you can't put down, the ones that transport you to a different place and make you believe in the characters.  This is exactly why I write...I have always loved the escapism that reading and writing provides, and there is nothing more exciting than imagining your own set of characters, and then letting them practically write the story for you.  Writing has always been a dream of mine, and I'm lucky to have the kind of people around me that have always nurtured and encouraged my passion.

I live a cozy little life in Wales, and when I'm not writing I'm taking care of my young family, studying for a degree in Classical Studies, and training to become a nail technician.  I love traveling to new places, meeting new people, and experiencing new's all great inspiration for my books!

I also love to hear from my readers or other writers, so contact me at: or check out my blog at:

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