Thursday, August 29, 2013

My French Vanilla Spotlight...

“Rosé, I think that’ll work.  Having pork chops, salad, wild rice and mushroom soup….yes, that’s good,” he murmured, almost to himself, as he went for the corkscrew and wineglasses.
    “Mmm, this is lovely,” I commented as I took a sip. “I really like this.”
    “And I really like you.  You’re lovely.  And you’re really good at eye rolling, I see.”
     “You don’t know me yet.  Maybe I’m a real bitch on wheels.  You might change your mind.”
     “Doubtful. I think I’ll like you even more as we get to know each other.”
    I tried to look mysterious.  “There are a few things you haven’t found out yet.  Maybe you should reserve judgment.”  He stooped beside me, sat my glass on the table and kissed me. Full on the lips, his tongue seeking mine. I responded immediately and involuntarily to his kiss. He ran his hands down my back, the right one meandering towards my breast. I involuntarily responded to that too, arching forward towards him. He slid his hand around to the front, cupping my breast, massaging and kneading.  I had my head back and my eyes closed. Opening them, I saw the fire in his dark eyes. Something that I hadn’t felt in years stirred inside me and I sighed deeply.
     He echoed the sigh.  “Enough, woman!  For now, anyway.  I want to feed you before…we…anything else happens.” One more quick peck of a kiss and he was back on his feet.  “Feel free to look around while I fix your dinner.”

By: Ashley

I was lucky to get the opportunity to read this book and I flew through it.  The formatting was a bit rough but the story itself and the was amazing.  The characters are on the older side and the romance was very sweet.  I love that they are both into cooking and that Robert is a chef.  

This was a quick and easy read, I spent only a few hours on this book and couldn't put it down once I picked it up.  I was halfway through the book in a matter of an hour or two!  I completely recommend this book to everybody out there looking for a good love story.  Congrats on a great book!

I've been a writer since I was 13--I just didn't know it then--when Sister Helen Thaddeus read my short story aloud in class. I was embarrassed, but I thought, "This might be something I'm good at!" Along the way, I've been occasionally told that I am. You can be the judge....

Writers have always been my heroes. I started with Stephen King, and remained loyal to him although I've picked up many more along the way, too many to list here...

I've spent almost forty years as a Registered Nurse, the last decade in the ER, and my advice to nursing students and new nurses is always that life is stranger than fiction. Nothing you can possibly image can be as bad as things you see coming in the ER door...

I use writing as an escape from the horrors of real life. People dying and disfigured from cancer, a wife shrieking because her forty-two year old husband went out to mow the grass and dropped over dead, and recently, people running in a marathon being killed and maimed by shrapnel....never mind...let's go to a happier place...

I like my fictional characters to be basically happy, and although they have problems to deal with, they usually can solve them and remain intact, both physically and mentally. I enjoy reading about flawed individuals, but I can't write it myself. Yet....

I live in Latrobe, PA with my husband and two canine Americans, Nellie and Jenny. I love being outdoors in our flower and vegetable gardens. Indoors in addition to reading and writing I enjoy cooking, needle crafts, scrapbooking and painting pictures on wall

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