Monday, June 24, 2013

What Wendy Wants Cover Reveal...

Title:  What Wendy Wants
Author:  Nikki Sex
Genre:  Erotic Romance
Release Date:  June 26th, 2013

After thirteen years of marriage and three children Wendy Hayward is bored with sex.

As much as she loves her husband, Frank, Wendy married "Mr. Vanilla."  Now she reads nothing but erotic romance on her Kindle and fantasizes about having sex with fictional characters, complete strangers, and tattooed rock stars.  Sometimes even the T.V. weatherman looks good.

One fateful day however, her husband grabs the wrong Kindle on the way to work and discovers some of Wendy's more 'interesting' fantasies.  Unbeknownst to Wendy, Frank is very keen to fulfill every one of her secret desires...


Hey there, I'm Nikki Sex and I write adult romance and erotica.

Yes, you are of course correct, that isn't my real name.  I'm a complete coward where my mother is concerned.  The "OMG what would Mom think?" is still sitting right there  in the back of my mind like another conscience (only an extremely prudish one!) Luckily my mother is in denial.  She still thinks I was a virgin when I got married.


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