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Sara V. Zook Author Spotlight...

Title:  Strange in Skin
Author:  Sara V. Zook

From the moment Anna James meets the strange prisoner Emry Logan, she becomes instantly obsessed and will stop at nothing to try to get another interaction with him.  But going against her family and church aren't without consequence.  She is deemed a traitor as she quickly realizes that there's more to Emry's past than just murder.  He has a special ability that is far from human that he only shares with her.  Feeling this magical connection, Anna has to free her beautiful inmate so that they can be together finally, but someone else knows about Emry's secret and wants Anna to stop digging for answers as she finds herself in the midst of a modern day witch hunt.  The life of an innocent pastor's kid suddenly is turned upside down in a was between good and evil as Anna begins to wonder which people in her life are on the side of good and is she one of them.
Strange in Skin is Book One of the Strange in Skin Trilogy.

Title:  Evadere
Author:  Sara V. Zook

When Anna becomes separated from Emry, she has no other choice but to explore the foreign world of Evadere on her own.  She soon discovers that it is tainted from a stirring turmoil among the people.    Evadere has been a place of respite and escape from the difficulties of Earth for Anna and Emry, but alone on Evadere, Anna is pulled into the stirrings of an uprising between the Scaves and the ones who force them to live as scavengers.  Anna is determined not to let the fear and attempts on her life stop her from finding her way back to Emry.                                                    But Anna is shocked when she discovers who Emry really is, the forces of evil supporting him and how the temptations in paradise have been misleading them both.

It will take all the strength and determination Anna and Emry possess to survive Evadere, even as the killing starts.

Title:  Clipped
Author:  Sara V. Zook


I wish someone would've warned me that the world is sometimes a cruel place to live in.  I wish someone would have said that guilt and regret may eat away at your mind until there is nothing left but a suffering that lingers.  I wish someone would have taken the time to inform me of how difficult it is to dig yourself out of a decision gone bad.  I wish to show the rest of those out there who didn't know either, who are just like me.


I wrote my first book at age six.  Of course, it was only a few pages, handwritten by a 6-year-old and was about kitty cats.  As a child, some days I would be out venturing in the woods with my older brother and cousins, but sometimes I would stay inside and create stories, write them down in a notebook and then pretend to publish them by typing them up on my mother's old typewriter.  I know, what a weird child I was.  From then on out, I didn't want to be anything but a writer.  When others would ask my classmates what we wanted to be when we grew up, some would say the usual things, singers, veterinarians, astronauts, but not me.  I would say a writer, and then I'd get a strange stare.  Writer?  What child says they want to be a writer?
I graduated from United High School in 2000, a small school out in the country where everyone knew each other from Kindergarten up and could tell you every little detail about each other and still can.  It was a nice area to grow up and I love going back.

In 2004, I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown with a bachelor's in, you guessed it, creative writing.  I had such a blast in college, met some of the greatest people that I still remain in close contact with along with my husband, Brad.  We were married and had two children back to back, so while I was in mommy land, my writing was put on the backburner.  And the I started writing in the summer of 2010, and after three months, Strange in Skin became the product of my imagination.  I had so much fun writing it, I couldn't stop.  I would work all day and then stay up late at night typing up a few more chapters. I didn't want it to end, so I decided I would have to write more books to follow it.  The main characters, Anna James and Emry Logan, were people I could relate to, that I loved to relate to.  There's nothing quite like a sappy love story that's so good it sucks you in.  You want them to be together.  They have to be together and you can't stop reading until they are together.  That with a little paranormal twist, and voila, a book is born.

Then we had another baby.  And I"m still in mommy land but also Strange in Skin fantasy land.  The mix of both raising children and writing makes for some pretty entertaining days, let me tell you.  I could write a million stories on my kids alone, especially the things that come out of their mouths that you're either so shocked they said or are so funny that you can't stop laughing.

This is merely the beginning of my writing career.  There will be much, much more to come.  I really hope everyone enjoys my first novel, Strange in Skin.

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