Friday, January 6, 2017

Seduced by a Rockstar Cover Reveal...


Title: Seduced by a Rockstar
Author: J.L. Ostle
Release Date: January 30, 2107



Warning: This book is a love triangle, and does involve cheating and the leading man can be a d**k, so please beware when you do decide to read this book.
My life's been turned upside down thanks to my cheating father. I have to leave my friends, my school - everything - and start over.
I'm not just moving to a different town,
I'm moving to a different country.

I finally start to adjust to my new life....
Until Sabastian Cooper.
Gorgeous with piercing blue eyes and lead singer of a local rock band.

I've been told he's is a player, a womaniser. He sleeps with anything with a pulse, and my cousin is crazy about him, so why can't I get him out of my head? It doesn't help that he promises to f**ck me every place imaginable.
I try and move on and date someone else, not expecting the rocker boy to end up dating my cousin. We try and be friends, be nice to one another but being nice ends up with us getting closer.
Once we got one taste, we have difficulty in stopping.
New adult contemporary romance with mature content. Recommended for 18+ due to mature language and adult situations.



J.L. Ostle was born in Antrim, Northern Ireland, now living in Carlisle, England. J.L. Ostle is a full time mother looking after her cute, active little boy.

When she she hasn't got her head stuck in a book or writing, she's watching movies, or doing activities with her friends and their children.

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