Friday, January 13, 2017

Scorned Review...

Austin "Shamus" Fletcher – the untamable beast.

Heartbreak with a capital H.

The toned cut of his every muscle to his larger than life attitude, Shamus is the one person I should stay away from.

Why can I not let go even when everything in front of me says run like a bat out of hell?

***Each book in the Ruthless Rebels MC is a new couple, but are best read in order. This is a biker book so please expect violence, foul language, and sexual situations. Do not buy if any of this offends you.***



I thought the first book in this series was good but this one was even better.

Andrea has to go back home after an accident that injured her beyond repair.  In going back she is thrust back into the path of her ex, Austin and his motorcycle club.  When odd things start to happen Austin and his MC come to her rescue.  Can she let go of the past and move on?  Can Andrea and Austin make things work together, or will everything fall apart?  Can Andrea remember what happened to her that sent her home?

Once again these authors have written an AMAZING book.  They work extremely well making together and have writing styles that mesh well.  But my god slow the pace a bit because I feel like the book lasted fifteen minutes instead of an hour and a half.  This is not unusual for a Chelsea Camaron book but still.  I usually find books to be really slow but this one is the opposite!!

I fell in love with the club in book one and fell even deeper with this one.  The characters are so fun and realistic.  The plot is really unique and interesting.  I am truly in love with these books.  So good!  I am speechless with this book it was that good.  I can’t imagine a better book to start my day!

5 raving stars

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