Monday, January 30, 2017

Whenever I'm With You Review...

A missing boy.
A road trip into the Alaskan wilderness.
A week that will change everything...

After Gabi’s parents’ divorce, she moves from California to Alaska with her dad. At first, it feels like banishment—until she meets Kai. He welcomes her into his life, sharing his family, his friends, and his warmth. But as winter approaches, Kai pulls away for seemingly no reason at all. He's quiet, withdrawn. Then one day, he disappears.

Kai’s twin brother, Hunter, believes Kai is retracing their missing father’s steps in the wilderness north of Anchorage. There’s a blizzard on the way, and Kai is alone out there. Gabi's frustration over his emotional distance quickly turns to serious concern. This is the boy who saved her from the dark. She can't lose him to it.

So Gabi and Hunter agree to head out together on a wild journey north—a trip that will challenge them physically and emotionally, as they try to convince the boy they love to return home.



I enjoyed this book.  It was a cute and adventurous kind of book.
Gabi is hiding from the life her mother has thrust upon their family.  Kai refuses to admit the truth that his father is dead.  When Kai goes in search of the truth Gabi and his twin brother head out to track him down before the big storm hits.  Along the way everybody gets to know each other better, danger ensues and truths come out.  Will these teens survive their journey?  Will they turn back and go home without learning the truth about Kai and Hunters father?  Is he dead like everybody thinks or still alive like only Kai thinks?
I love the characters.  I enjoyed the adventurous side of this story as well as the romantic side of it.  The writing style was fun and effortless.  The flow was perfect.  The pacing of the book was a slight struggle for me.  It started out really slow and didn’t catch my attention right away but I’m glad I didn’t give up on it because about 35% in it started to get better and better.  But the plot omg so good!  I love the general idea and the fact that I never knew what would happen next.
I would definitely recommend this book to anybody looking for a good YA romantic adventure book.  While it could us a little work on the pace it was really good!

4 stars!

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