Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Wicked Stage...

Today is the release day for The Wicked Stage by Lauren Lamoureaux! Check out the release day festivities and grab your copy of the sexy romance today!

About The Wicked Stage:

When she’s offered a plum role in a musical adaptation of Les Liaisons Dangereuses, not-so-innocent ingĂ©nue Natalie Burgess leaps at the chance to make her Broadway debut, but doesn’t count on falling head over pointe shoes in lust with Tony, her infuriating yet sexy-as-sin leading man. By day, they rehearse the hot and heavy duet that will burn up Broadway. By night, Natalie longs for more than even the hottest backstage foreplay can satisfy…

After his last “showmance” ended in disaster, Broadway star Tony Valenti is determined not to make the same mistake with Natalie. Wanting to take it slow, he insists on starting a relationship with one condition: no sex until opening night. With each new onstage seduction, it’s a promise that’s becoming impossible to keep…

But when Natalie learns the truth about what happened to the actress she replaced and Tony’s secret puts the show – and their relationship – at risk, Tony must set things right before he loses his leading lady forever.

***WARNING: Contains explicit sexual content***

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Exclusive Excerpt:

They circled each other, moving in time with the music. It was a dance between ice and fire; she with elegant, wary steps, he with sweeping, confident strides. His dark eyes bore into hers, both frightening and irresistibly lustful. They spoke of a desire to absolutely devour her, and in that moment, it was Natalie, not Cecile, who trembled as he continued.

“Give us to temptation, end this sweet tribulation that women know just as keenly as men.”

The key changed, and a sinister dissonance crept into the atmosphere as they came full-circle, standing on opposite sides of their mark. With a sharp flick of his wrist, he extended a hand in invitation, and she took it, her eyes gleaming with curiosity as she sang.

“Just one more kiss.”

Powerful arms pulled her into an embrace, her lithe dancer’s body melting into his solid athletic frame. The heat was intoxicating, almost dizzying, and she hoped that the befitting uncertainty would work to her benefit. A longing glance at his lips gave him permission, but she still wasn’t prepared for the warm brush of his soft skin against hers. She tingled, the pleasant shock stealing her breath as she held back a moan. It was brief, his cue cutting short the kiss she would gladly have continued. Thankfully, it wouldn’t be the last.

“Let me show you what you’ve longed to explore.”

She nodded, letting him back her up as if to an invisible bed, singing in agreement.

“One more kiss.”

Another step backward, another soft nip at her lower lip, drawing away before she could respond.

“And discover the ache stirring deep in your core.”

Oh, if he had any idea…

She arched into him again, this time fully aware and willing. He held her tighter, all but dragging her now.

“One more kiss.”

This time, it was she who impulsively brought her lips to his for just a moment, playing at shyness as she pulled away.

His voice descended into a deep growl, hot breath teasing her neck as he tilted his head and grazed his mouth against the soft, sensitive skin. “Give in to the lust you can no longer ignore.”

She closed her eyes and gasped, the noise covered by her singing.

“One more kiss.” Desperation gave her voice a breathless quality, the line no longer a compromise, but a demand.

“And you’ll finally know what your body is for.”

He dipped her back, grasping behind her downstage knee to lift her leg against the outside of his thigh – but rather than pull her closer, he angled her away from him. Odd.

“One more kiss!” they sang together, voices ringing and perfectly matched; each repetition heightened in pitch and tempo, building to an overwhelming crescendo. “One more kiss! One more—”

Their faces stopped but an inch apart, eyes hazily focused on the other’s lips. A devilish grin of satisfaction etched dimples into his cheeks, recognizing her surrender, and her eyes fluttered shut, giving in completely with a soft, pleading whisper.

“Kiss me…”

About Lauren Lamoureaux:

A life-long writer, actress, and singer, Lauren Lamoureaux has a B.A. in Theater and an unhealthy obsession with tall, dark baritones. When she isn’t writing, she can be found onstage or in the audience. She lives in Canada. Twitter: @lamoureauxbooks

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