Tuesday, January 31, 2017

December and January Book Hauls...

So since I didn't get that many books in December I decided to blend the two together.  I did order/buy more than I planned to this month but hey who could pass up so many great new books!!!!  I actually had to sort through my books and get another box ready to take to storage.  Can't wait to get a place of my own again in order to display all my old and new beauties (soon I hope)!!!  Anyways, I digress so lets get down to it.


First I got TWO subscription boxes. 

First up is the Stars Hollow Monthly.  While this won't be an every month subscription I loved it a lot and once I am in a better place I will be ordering more of these!  In the December box we got a: 

Lorelai scarf, 
an OOO-BER air freshner, 
an ornament 
and a Where You Lead I will Follow necklace.  

I loved that the Luke's Menu tells you what was in the box as well as a few other things.  While there wasn't a lot in the box it was all unique and fun.  I will use it all!

As I am a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes I had to order the December Lit-Cube box.  In it was:

Sherlock Socks
221B Key Chain
Christmas Ornament
A Packet of Tea (I don't drink tea so I'm not positive about this item)
Lock & Mori (this was a duplicate copy so I gave it away for a giveaway)
Lock & Mori Mind Games (can't wait to read it)

I pre-ordered a signed copy of Too Late by Colleen Hoover which came with a book mark and Boston magnet (from It Ends With Us).  Can't wait to put the magnet up on my own fridge!


I had gotten an Amazon gift card so I ordered:

Attitude is Everything Coloring Book by Samantha Snyder (I have volumes 1 & 2 of the Doodle Art Gallery Coloring Books and they are among my favorites so I am adding to the collection).

I also got #Hater by Cambria Hebert (I had read book at the end of 2015 or in 2016 and am finally continuing the series)

I had placed an order from Book Outlet on their Boxing Day sale.  You can't tell me that you passed up the sale if you knew about it.  I saved almost $300 during that sale and I don't regret it even if all of them are boxed up for storage!  In that box I got:

The Dark Hunters Volume 1 Manga 
The Agency
Pitch Perfect
Curtsies & Conspiracies 
The Diviners 
Voices of Dragons
Running Out of Night
The Magnolia League
A Midsummer's Nightmare
A Star Touched Queen
Of Posideon
Broken Juliet
The Bane Chronicles

From Bethany House I received The Mark of the King by Jocelyn Green.

I got the next book in the Shadowhunter world by Cassandra Clare at Wal-Mart.  Can't wait to dive into Lady Midnight to learn more about these characters.

So I was at Barnes and Noble the other day.  Not gonna lie I went in because it was the only store I absolutely knew had a bathroom.  I walked out with these three beauties!

The Novice 
Reign of Shadow (now I can read the second book which I got from Edelweiss)

I also won a copy of Freeks by Amanda Hocking.  I loved the ARC copy of this that I read so was excited to win this copy!

I finished #Hater and immediately ordered the next book in the series on Amazon.  Next month I will be reading #Player by Cambria Hebert!

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