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The Earth Painter Review...

The Earth Painter
By: Melissa Turner Lee

When a self-conscious young woman discovers the boy in drama class is actually the immortal who painted the world into being, she becomes the target of another painter who hates humanity.

The Earth Painter is a Young Adult Supernatural Romance set in the small mill town of Chesnee, SC. It revolves around Holly Scruggs, whose family has just moved back to Chesnee after her dad lost his job along with pretty much everything they owned. Her image conscious parents correct her to the point of brokenness until she meets Theo. He is the artist responsible for all the beauty of the land and he thinks Holly is beautiful too. Together they will fight against Fritz, the water painter who hates humans and is hiding a secret under the high school.

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By Missy:

Holly is a self conscious freckled redhead who is just entering her senior year of high school in a new school. After her father loses his job they move back to Chesnee SC,  the hometown of her parents. Her mother is the bubbly brunette prom queen from the past and Holly is everything her mother is not. Her father is a laid back car salesman and her Mother is very image conscious and she acts as if everything revolves around her. Holly would like to be invisible and just get through her classes as soon as possible. Then she finds out she is scheduled for a drama class and she becomes very stressed over this. She goes to her class and tries to hide in the shadows but get picked first to tell the other about herself. When the teacher misses one of the students Holly points him out thinking to herself that he isn't going to going to get away with hiding when she couldn't. The boy came to Holly and told her his name was Theo and that nobody ever noticed him and he asked her how or why she had noticed and wanted to know if he had done something that drew her attention.when she told him he hadn't and that she had just seen him he was awed by that. Holly started to make a few friends at school but none like Theo. She made one friends, a girl named Shelby, whose grandmother lived next door to her parents. Shelby offered to give Holly a ride back and forth to school and Holly thought that was great then she got a job where Shelby worked. Shelby had asked Holly to cover for her a couple times as she wanted to go hang with her boyfriend and her mother didn't approve so Holly had agreed. The friendship was great and they got along good but Holly didn't like that Shelby's boyfriend had hit her. She told Holly he was very sorry and they had worked it out but Holly still wasn't convinced and told her she should stay away from him. Then they had gone out again and Holly was going to hang with Theo while Shelby was hanging with her boyfriend then they were going to meet back up and go shopping. When she met back up Shelby was crying and her face was all busted up. Holly asked her what happened, Shelby asked her to help her smash up her car and tell her mom and the police that she had an accident. Holly told her no way , That her boyfriend deserved to be in jail for what he did. Shelby told her she caused it, that she hugged an old friend. Holly was shocked and refused to cover this time so Shelby told her to get out of her car that their friendship was over. While hanging out with Theo Holly found out he is an immortal. That he is a painter of the Earth, and what he paints becomes real. They start finding out information about the well water at the school and that there is a mineral in it that is special. After a while Theo introduces Holly to some of his friends who are also immortals, some of them do not approve of Theo and Holly being friends and some are surprised that she can see them. They find out that the immortal named Fritz was trying to destroy the well because of its special properties and what it could do for humans. Fritz hated humans and wanted to destroy them but the rest of the immortals were trying to save the humans especially Theo. The immortal named Bio convinced Theo that Holly had feelings for him and that by being friends with her was just making those feeling stronger and would encourage her to want more of a relationship from him. After drinking the special water from the well Holly was able to go into drama class and go through lines like she never thought she would be able to, so she was cast as the lead female for the fall play. 

I recommend this book to all who'd like to find out what happens with Holly & Theo, Shelby and the rest of the Immortals. This was an awesome book, it hit on many points that many high schoolers go through with wanting to be invisible and the troubles they face especially when starting in a new school.

 I'd rate this a 4.5


 Melissa Turner Lee holds a BA in Communications with a concentration in Journalism from the University of South Carolina. She has studied fiction writing since 2008, attending various writing conferences and workshops, along with guidance from professional writing coaches. She resides in Spartanburg, SC with her husband and 3 sons.

Twitter: @MelissaTLee1975

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