Monday, October 30, 2017

The Hunt Review...

My name is Hunter O’Shea and I have a confession to make…I’ve met a girl who consumes me. I know that makes me sound completely whipped, but Mary “Lamb” Mitts has the power to bring me to my knees…it’s just too bad she hates my guts. But that’s okay, because I hate hers, too. The fiery redhead stirs something in me that I can’t explain. 

This temporary insanity could be due to the fact my best friend, who used to be a bigger player than me, is getting married. That must be it. I’m caught up in an Oprah moment. 

The only solution is to get back in the game and forget she exists. That theory is great—too bad I don’t want anyone else. 


I’m so screwed.



I struggled through this book but didn’t give up.  It definitely picked up so I’m glad I pushed through.
This book started out really slowly and it was kind of confusing to follow at the begin.  However, about half way through it picked up the pace and everything started to be more clear.  With the pace and confusion at the beginning of the book I almost gave up.  I also thought there were too many food related nicknames.  I struggled to keep Cherry Pie and Shortcake separate in the beginning, again it became easier once you only saw one of them for the most part through all of the book.  The book felt like an espionage book most of the time because your trying to figure out whose playing who and trying to watch the romance unfold. 
So while the plot was great and the characters were well formed I felt like there was too much mashed into a short time frame.  Or maybe it could have been timed differently to make it easier to read.  I also have not read any of the other books this one follows but it is a standalone.  I didn’t feel like I was missing anything.  I feel if it were cleaned up a little bit then it would have been easier to read. 
3.5 hunted stars

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