Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Beast Brothers 3 Review...

After I spot the sexiest man I’ve ever seen -- tall, ripped, tattooed, and impossibly gorgeous -- I spend weeks fantasizing about all the dirty, dirty things he could do to me. 

When we finally meet, I’m ready for the hottest one-night fling ever -- until he introduces me to his twin brother! 

Unlike my besties, I’ve always thought two men were too much trouble. But Deke and Jake Abbott, leather-clad biker kings, might just change my mind. 

They turn our one night into a pleasure-drenched weekend ... and they’re not through with me yet. 

I’ve always wanted a man I can build a future with. My massive, muscled biker twins don’t fit with my corporate career ... so why can’t I resist them? 

I should be saying No, but they have me saying, Yes, please, don’t stop! 

This is a MFM ménage romance with a guaranteed happy ending. Though it’s the third book in a series, each story stands alone. There are no M/M scenes – the beastly bikers are all about pleasing their woman. 

Notice: this book includes “sneak peek” chapters for Beast Brothers 1 and Beast Brothers 2. The main book ends at approximately the 90% point.



Tara needs an escort to the dinner party with her friends.  She has been having recurring dreams of a guy she met outside a Mexican restaurant so she goes to the local biker bar in the hopes of running into him.  After a bit of trouble the man she thinks plays the role in her dreams rescues her and agrees to be her escort.  After the dinner though she finds out it was actually his twin brother she had been finitizing about.  Tara never wanted the whole two men situation like her friends.  She was never looking for it but after meeting Deke and Jake Abbott can she resist?  Will the brothers pull her in?  What kind of trouble can the three of them ensue?

Tara is the more timid friend.  I love how the characters are portrayed and how the biker life was portrayed with the three of them.  Everything about this book was once again amazing.  The plot kind of blew my mind.  The characters were amazingly written.  Everything flowed evenly and the pace was great.  I truly enjoy Stephanie’s writing style and how she can encompass so many different things in her writing. 

Another amazing book by Stephanie Brothers.  Again these are not appropriate for anybody under 18 years of age.  But if you over that age range I highly recommend these books.  They are great quick and steamy reads.

5 beastly stars

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