Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Double Trouble Review...

Mona's never had a boyfriend, much less two. 

Carson and Cole Williams were the handsome football players who everyone admired, while Mona hung in the background, watching from the sidelines. Now that she's all grown up, Mona has found her own way, burying herself in her passion - work. But when a sexy billionaire backer appears, just what she needs for her non-profit, she gets tangled in a love triangle she never expected. One backer turns out to be two, backing her into a corner. And now that there's another marriage in the family, complications are getting crazy. 

Mona's in deeper than ever - and so are Carson and Cole. And with a new bundle of joy on the way, Mona is doubling down. 

Double Trouble is a steamy short, with HEA. 
This book includes a Stephanie Brother bonus story.



This book while good was lacking something.  It followed a girl who had a crush on twins back in High School and meets up with them at an unexpected time down the road.  When they meet again the boys admit their feelings and they have always been in love with her just like she was with them.  Then when she finds out she is pregnant with the brothers kids her mother announces that she enloped with her boyfriend.  When her mother and stepfather show up they end up being step siblings now.
I felt kind of weird about this book.  It was written mostly in past tense like the main character was telling us how this had happened to her.  It kind of threw me off because only the last page or two were in present tense.  Good story but it could have been better by adding a lot of length and detail.  I still love Stephanie’s books but this one just didn’t do the same for me as the others did.  If you are looking for a cute and extremely quick read then this is perfect.
3.5 stars

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