Thursday, October 5, 2017

Huge x3 Review...

Imagine getting a chance to live out your filthiest fantasies. 
Would you take it? 
I dream about twins; four hands, two mouths and two other things HUGE enough to blow my mind. So when a set of deliciously sexy identical brothers suddenly appear in my small town nightclub, I don’t know what to do. 
Should I take the gift that fate is offering? 
They look like Bryan; the man I’ve been secretly in love with for years. Maybe that's why I end up blindfolded in their pool house, discovering reality is a whole lot more stimulating than fantasy. 
It's only later, when I'm doing the walk of shame, I realize that the likeness wasn't just coincidence. 
Bryan is their half-brother! And he's been keeping a big secret too. 
Suddenly I'm in triple trouble. 

This is the story of three HUGE men and one very lucky girl.Happy ever after guaranteed! Well, there are three of them! What could possibly go wrong? 

ARRESTED - A Stepbrother Romance is included as a bonus book for a limited time only.



As the numbers get higher the books get better.  While Huge x4 was my current favorite I think this one beat it out.  It has been nice to go on this journey with these four friends who all end up with their step brothers.  Oh what a tangled web they weave. 

This book follows Katelin who has always had a thing for Bryan her best friend but he has always been stand-offish.  When she decides it’s time to finally move on and get over him so meets two guys (twin brothers) Austen and Jason.  After going home with them two things occur.  First off they find a lump in her breast which she has to get looked at and she doesn’t have a good family history in the cancer department.  Second she finds out that the twins are Bryan’s half-brothers.  Eventually things take a turn and she also finds out that the three boys will also be her step brothers.  Gah, what more can go wrong for this poor girl?  Does Bryan finally let his true feelings show?  Can the three brothers share her evenly?  What happens with the family?

There is so much happening in this book but it was so good.  It is my favorite book by Stephanie so far.  All these characters are so very dynamic.  I loved every second of the story.  I think this one is the longest in the four book series.  This series does not need to be read in order (as I with 2, 4, 1, 3).  Heck I didn’t even realize it was a series until I went looking for more books by Stephanie to feed my addiction.  I love this author and she is now my go to when I need a quick and steamy fix.  But don’t pick it up if you are under 18 because you’re not old enough to read that kind of stuff…lol.

5 sexy stars!

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