Monday, October 2, 2017

Beast Brothers 2 Review...

One man may be plenty ... but two is the perfect fantasy. 

Ever since my best friend scored two gorgeous, brawny brothers who attend to her every need, I’ve been on the lookout for my own twin beasts. 

Enter Alex and Lucas Wolf. Huge, identical specimens of male perfection. Easy on the eyes and even better in bed. Double the pleasure, double the ... aggravation! 

Stubborn, domineering, and way too bossy. I don’t need that. I'm more than capable of running my own life so I decide to have my fun and move on ... except the twins don’t agree with my decision. 

Especially when I’m suddenly in danger, and the Wolf brothers decide they’re the only ones who can keep me safe. I may survive the threat ... but with both of them guarding me day and night, can I withstand the temptation? 

This is a super hot MFM ménage romance with a guaranteed happy ending. Though it’s the second book in a series, each story stands alone. Get cozy and enjoy!



Ever since Megan found her Beast Brothers Zoe has been on the look out for the same thing.  She wasn’t looking for a relationship, just a hook up.  Is that what she gets?  Not at all.  Zoe met Alex and Lucas Wolfe at a club and goes home with them.  The next morning she tries to escape but it’s harder than it seems since her father hires them hours later to protect her and her siblings.  Can the three of them keep things strictly platonic while they are protecting her?  Does she find out she wants so much more than she thought?  Can the three of them make a relationship work in the long run

Stephanie Brothers is an amazing author.  I was hoping that I would find out what happened with Zoe and I got my wish.  The world of these three women is expanding as two more men are introduced to the group.  I absolutely loved these characters.  Zoe has such a strong personality and it truly shows in this book, each brothers personality also shows.  The plot was fun and exciting.  Everything flowed evenly and the pace was excellent.

I highly recommend Stephanie’s book to any of you looking for a quick and steamy read.  I have yet to find a book by her that I did not like.  Keep in mind these are not really suitable for anybody under 18.

5 beastly stars

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