Friday, October 6, 2017

Huge x4 Review...

I’m thinking naughty thoughts about the best men. 
It’s my sister’s wedding and I know I shouldn’t be fantasizing about the identical twins who are standing next to my brother-in-law-to-be, but I can’t help myself. 
They are totally gorgeous with their steel gray eyes and bodies that make my lady parts clench. Tall and broad, it’s all I can do to keep upright in their presence. 

Fantasies are one thing, but reality is a whole other ball game. I’m done with making stupid mistakes over men. I might enjoy imagining Callum and Liam giving me a wedding night to remember, but that’s as far as it goes. 

I can’t let them remind me who I was before Brad stole my sparkle. 

I can’t let them show me how it feels to be worshiped. 

I certainly can’t let them bring my naughtiest fantasies to life. 

Or can I? 

And as if that wasn’t crazy enough, their younger twin brothersMatty and Ryan arrive for a surprise family holiday and suddenly I’m caught between 4 rock-hard places! 

It might be a cliché for the maid of honor to hook up with the best man, but it’s so much hotter when there are two! Add in the bonus twins and this lucky maid is about to experience a Caribbean adventure she is never going to forget. MMFMM romance. These sexy men are all about showing their woman the time of her life! Happy ever after guaranteed. Well, there are four of them! It’s pretty much a given! 

Author note - this is a fantastical romance full of hot sex and real feelings. If multiple love relationships are not your thing, then leave Huge X4 to the naughty ladies who love them!60,000 words. Includes Escape - A Stepbrother Romance for your continued reading pleasure. 



Bethany is struggling to get back from a bad relationship where she was emotionally abused.  So when her sister’s second wedding rolls around she dutifully walks her down the aisle and then plans to spend the rest of the week alone and happy.  She never expects to meet gorgeous twin brothers, let alone two sets of gorgeous twin brothers.  Callum and Liam are the best men in the wedding but they won’t let Bethany sit around and mope.  The three of them spend the night together and are walked in on by their younger twin brothers Matt and Ryan.  Can Bethany please all four of these brothers and keep them in her life?  Can these brothers show her that not everybody is like her ex and that she is worth their time?  Can they all overcome the obstacles placed in front of them in order to make this work?
This was yet another amazing story by Stephanie.  Again I felt like I was Bethany in this book.  I loved the characters so much.  I would take any of these brothers off her hands in a heartbeat.  The plot was fun and intriguing.  The writing style was as always amazing.  Stephanie has me stuck on the ménage genre and when I need a quick and steamy read I reach for her books.  They are all perfectly timed and flow gracefully.
I look forward to reading more by Stephanie.  Don’t forget that if you are reading this series or gifting to somebody else that they are not suitable for those under 18 years of age. 
5 sexy stars

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