Friday, August 28, 2015

Ticket to Love Review...

When Evelyn Parker turns thirty-five, she isn’t happy. Life seems to be ticking past her. By now, she wanted to be married and have kids, the same life all of her friends have. Then Eve’s grandmother gives her a birthday gift that changes her whole life—a winning lottery ticket. With her new money, Eve tries to stay conservative, but for some reason, her pesky neighbor seems to think he gets to have a say on how she’s living life.

Brad Turner has lived next door to Evelyn for years. She’s always been a sweet woman for the most part, until his dog decides her trash is his next dinner. Then Eve shows her true self, igniting a spark in him, and a craving for more.

Before long, Eve and Brad find themselves tangled up in each other’s life. One moment they are fighting and the next kissing. Can they figure out if they can be a couple, especially given Brad’s obsession about money and Evelyn’s hiding her millions from him?


Lacey Wolfe hit the nail on the head again.  She has a writing style that let's a person feel like they are a part of the world she is writing.  The characters are dynamic and I love the bickering they always end up doing with each other.  I love the Grandmother character too...she is the comedic aspect of the book in my opinion.  Lacey always has a male lead that you want to reach in and pull out of the book and make real.  I would love to find a real life Brad.

The book had a smooth flow and with this group of characters it is one that you absolutely cannot miss.  I know that I say this about every one of her books but I am absolutely in love with this book and I can't wait to read more books by her!!

5 blazing stars!!!!

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