Sunday, August 23, 2015

The 'Naturals' Episode 1 Review...

**Note: This is not a novel. It is the first 4 episodes of a 20-episode serial. Season One (20 episodes) is complete, and Season Two (20 new episodes) releases 2015.**

A small town full of secrets. A coming darkness. Teenagers with supernatural abilities. Think you know the story? 

Think again. 

As Summer ends, the students at Silverwood High are getting ready to go back to school and resume their normal, everyday lives. Too bad "normal" is no longer an option. 

When these teens get their very first tastes of what destiny has in store, will they embrace that destiny... or flee from it? Will they be selfless... or ruthless? Will they master their abilities... or will their abilities master them? 

This is their awakening, the first step of an epic journey. But it's only the beginning of something bigger than they could ever imagine. 

Four teenagers. One town. 

Four authors. One story. 

The sleepy little town of Silverwood is about to wake up.


This is a collection of short stories about people with 'abilities'. It is a unique book and while it was good it wasn't fantastic. I felt like it moved a bit slowly and it lacked something that I just can't put my finger on. I loved the idea behind the book and it may have been better if the stories blended together and coincided with one another. In the way they are written now it is basically four stories about random people who all move into the same town. I have more questions than answers. How did these kids get this way? What does the company in town have to do with each story? Is there some kind of magnetic pull bringing these kids to this town?
It is a great general idea for a book but it needs something to mesh them altogether in the end.

3.5 out of 5 stars

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