Monday, August 31, 2015

Ride Review...

Title: Ride: In Between The Covers
Series: Carolina Bad Boys Book 3
Author: Rie Warren
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Page count: Approx 110 pages
Date of release: January 8, 2015

The full, sexy, New Adult version of RIDE, the novella featured in Stone, At Your Service, Carolina Bad Boys series. 
College man Jase Everly has bad boy written all over him. Rides a motorcycle? Check. Has tats? You bet. Couldn't give a shit about rules? He's all over that.
When he's cut off from the oil baron family funds, he finds a new way to support his education, his bike habit, his bad habits. And his business venture is nothing he's proud of. 
Top-notch student Avery Greene is a good girl. Deans List, never missed a class, straitlaced material. She's on the college fast track until one night and one jock destroy her life. She hides inside her sweaters. She buries her nose in her books.
She ignores the pain inside her, and she's sure she hates Jase from the moment she lays eyes on him.
The problem isAvery needs someplace to stay, and Jase wants a roommate. They’re enemies at first sight. Now they’re going to live together.
Roomies? Maybe.
Romance? Never.
That’s what she said.
Please note: This story includes a discussion of rape. This painful conversation is necessary for the growth of the couple's relationship.

So I love the Carolina Bad Boys book but not quite sure where the Carolina part comes into this book. I admit that yes Jase is definitely a bad boy with a good heart but the book is about Texans from what I can tell.

Anyways, I loved the book in general because the characters are beyond amazing. The story is good. I kind of with you learned what Jase did for a living or what made Avery run from the dorms just a little bit sooner. But not knowing also kept me interested in the book. It was funny, interesting and intriguing. 

Once again I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

4 out of 5 stars

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