Thursday, August 27, 2015

Portal 24 Review...

Ever since his father’s disappearance, teenaged Darius has made a living for himself as a small-time con artist, cheating tourists out of their money on the hot streets of Memphis. When a mysterious woman starts following him, he thinks the police are finally on to him—but the truth is far stranger than that. Darius has been recruited by Project Oberon, a top-secret government organization dedicated to preventing disasters—before they occur. Oberon has created a portal that allows people to go back in time, to exactly twenty-four hours earlier. 
Then disaster strikes New York City, and Darius and his team of special ops teenagers are in the Portal, heading back with just one day to prevent the unthinkable. But it soon becomes clear that this villain is unlike any they’ve ever faced before—and knows far too much about Project Oberon. 
Can Darius and the team save the world before their twenty-four hours are up, or will they be lost in time forever?


This is an interesting take on a time travel book. I enjoyed the Darius and Bianca characters but wasn't as pulled in by the rest of the characters. I actually got confused by all the many many characters. The idea behind the book was also good and it kept a steady pace.
I do question the fact that the entire team is made up of teenagers. I also wonder what made Darius join the team. There is a lot of backstory happening within the action of the book and while it helps keep the pace it can be slightly confusing.
All in all the book was good and I felt like it was a unique world. A lot could have happened or gone wrong for these kids as they completed this job but it never got too bad for them. The author kept you guessing as to what would happen next and I want to read more by this author after this book.
4 out of 5 stars

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