Monday, August 24, 2015

Rebel Ink Review...

**This is a New Adult book - Intended for 17+
Hot chicks and cool ink have been my life, my everything, for the past five years. But with one phone call that bliss is totally shot to shit. Don’t want to hear it. Don’t want to deal with it. But oh yeah, it’s coming for me. The motherfucking past. And who’s along for the ride? You’re never gonna believe it. That’s right, another blast from my past. The one and only rejection. Blondie. Hey…maybe it’s not all bad. Maybe I can finally get her - legs up and back to the mattress, that is.
Yes, I’m getting married. And yes, it’s to ‘Buttons.’ I’m not embarrassed and I don’t think it’s a failure. Unfortunately, my bestie doesn’t agree. In fact, she thinks she has to rescue me. But ladies and gents, I’m beyond help. I’m cooked. I just want to fade into the Santa Barbara’s overly polished woodwork. If only a gorgeous tatted, foul-mouthed problem from my past would stop showing up and showing off what I’m never going to allow myself to have.


Holy crap...I haven't read any of the Wicked Ink books until now. What was I waiting for? I freaking need more and because that was freaking hot. I love books where the characters fight with each other and this is one of these. That love/hate relationship is what makes a great start to a book in my opinion.
Vincent and Lisa are both fighting themselves while they try to figure out what they want from life and who they want. They both have demons but they help each through it. Of course it ends with a HEA but I totally want to hear more about these characters! Great writing, great story idea and great characters. Can't wait to read more!

5 out of 5 stars

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