Saturday, February 4, 2017

That Night With My Best Friend's Brother Review...

I want more than one night with Aiden Taylor. 

Aiden Taylor is my best friend's brother. He's sexy, charming and drop dead gorgeous. He also doesn't know I exist as anything other than his little sister's best friend. 

However, I'm determined to change that. I'm Alice Waldron. Twenty-two, spunky, and adventurous. I'm willing to do whatever it takes for Aiden to notice me. And Liv, my best friend, is determined to help me as well. 

The only problem is that I have a small secret. A secret that could make my getting together with Aiden Taylor very complicated. A secret that could make more than one night with Aiden nothing more than a dream. 

NOTE: This novella is a free prequel to the full-length standalone novel Falling For My Best Friend's Brother, that will be released at the end of February. This novella will also be included in the full-length book when it is released, so you can read it first as a free download or you can read it as part of the novel on release day.



I was a bit unsure about this book.  I figured the book had to be about something in the present and that the best friend didn’t have a clue.  That isn’t it at all.  This book is about how the best friend and her boyfriend are helping her hook up with the brother again. 
It was all very backwards for me.  Don’t get me wrong the story itself was good.  I enjoyed the characters and the plot.  It was a very unique way to write this story.  I look forward to seeing what happens with these relationships in the end.  Again I felt like it could have been fleshed out a little bit more but this seems to be a prequel leading up to a full length novel.  It leaves you hanging at the end so that you want to continue the series. 
Well written and fun book.  I loved the writing style and unique-ness of this book.
4 stars

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