Thursday, February 9, 2017

Silver Blade Review...

Oscar McAvoy hunts demons. Chosen to rid the world of evil, he nevertheless condemns himself as a murderer. When saved by the beautiful Angela Knight, he judges himself undeserving of love and sends her away.

Angela Knight is on the way back from her brother's funeral when she stops to help a fallen motorcycle rider. Her body responds to the handsome stranger, a man whose scars and tough exterior suggest a rough and dangerous life. When she can't stop thinking about him, Angela must decide if she is willing to give the sexy, mysterious stranger a chance.

Love chooses us; we do not choose who we will love or who will love us.



On her way home from her brothers funeral Angela spots an accident.  She helps the victim to the hospital and gets way more than she bargained for.  When Oz wakes up in the hospital the first thing he sees is Angela and he starts falling.  Does she run when the truth comes out?  Does Oz survive it all?
This is an amazing short story.  I truly enjoyed the characters.  The plot was extremely well written.  The flow and pace were spot on.  I also really enjoyed the authors writing style.  However it will lose just a few points for that ending.  It just stops on a simple phrase.  I have so many questions.
So I am hoping there are more books to follow this one.  I really enjoyed this author and the book itself.  I will look her up once I get caught up and see what else we have available.
4.5 stars

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