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Under My Skin Review...

Title: Under My Skin (Skin Deep #2)
Author: J.M. Stone
Genre: Erotica
Release Date: December 2013

One little piercing. That’s all Allie wanted when she dragged her best friend into Skin Deep. She never imagined that it would result in a busted lip and an engagement ring for Emma, or that it would come with a double side of six-foot plus, tattooed, sexy-as-sin, H.O.T. maleness for her! Now she’s torn because Brandon and Jackson have both let it be known that they want her. And both are used to getting what they want. But what about what Allie wants?

Brandon is hot for Allie. So is Jackson. Neither of them are willing to step aside for the other and they’re tired of Allie running. So they hatch a plan…
Add in wedding bells, a dog named Doug, and you’ve got a recipe for a good time. Or a disaster.

*Recommended for readers 18+ due to HOT sexual encounters, adult situations, and language.


I felt the soft, fleeting touch of lips against the curve of my shoulder where it met my neck and gasped,  shivering when the feel of fingertips traced my spine before dipping into the cleft at the base of it. I moaned loudly, unable to help it, when lips closed over my nipple, nipping and sucking roughly. All of a sudden I was alone, all traces of their touch gone. I whimpered in my throat and heard a whispered, ‘shhhh, baby it’s okay’ somewhere to the side of me. Turning my head toward the voice, I strained to listen, wanting to hear some clue as to what would happen next.

I got my answer when fingers traced down my arms, pulling my hands together and clasping them in front of my body before something silky began winding around my wrists, effectively binding them together tightly. Dark desire, shot with a fine edge of trepidation, curled low in my belly and I felt the soft flesh between my thighs grow even wetter than it had been, wetter than I think I’d ever been before. I jumped slightly when a hand touched the inside of my thigh lightly, moving upward. I could feel my cheeks heat as I felt trails of wetness beneath the hand stroking me.


Reviewed by Cindy:

Ok I want to start with the beginning. WOW!!! Under my Skin is HOT!!! WOW!!! I absolutely LOVE a good menage. I was absolutely sitting on a 5 star read all the way up to the end. Then BAM!!! Out of no where it changes. I will get back to that later.

I LOVED the characters. Allie is everything I like in a heroine. She is crazy, funny, strong, strong willed. She pretty much knows what she wants. Well except she can’t make up her mind about Brandon and Jackson. And who could with two HOT, SEXY men chasing you? These two are sexy smoking hot strong alpha males. I absolutely fell for them both. I could totally understand her not being able to pick one.

These three had great chemistry. The sex scenes are steamy HOT!!! I found myself blushing while reading some scenes. I felt Allie had a good strong connection with both men,  and was looking forward to their HEA. Well of course about 90% into the book Brandon backs out…. WHAT? I was so confused by this. Although I felt the author trying to distance he and Allie, I didn’t expect that.  I really believed these three would make a life together. I was wrong. And to be honest PISSED!

I felt towards the end when Brandon breaks things off, that it didn’t fit the story. I was left even more confused by Allie’s actions after, she seems pretty much unaffected. Yeah she cried, one time. I just assumed she had more feelings for him then that. I could tell the more I read the more the author wanted Allie with Jackson. I LOVED Jackson, don’t get me wrong, but I LOVED Brandon more.

So back to my thoughts. I was sitting on a 5 star review until the last 15% or so. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the writing style of J. M. Stone. She is a very good author and I expect to read more from her in the future. I didn’t see many grammar issues and like I said I LOVED the sexy, steamy, sex scenes. (Say that 5 times fast). But just because I don’t agree with the way the book ended and I am PISSED I am giving it 3 1/2 stars.


J.M. Stone is a legal assistant by day, and a writer by night. She started writing at a young age, mostly poetry and song lyrics, some of which were published. She currently lives in Ohio where she's lived for

most of her life, and enjoys spending time with her other-half, their mouthy daughter, two spoiled and crazy dogs, and the rest of her abnormal family. (Don't worry, abnormal is good!) In her spare time, she loves to read, write, sing, and make people laugh, which usually happens at her own expense!

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