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Fixer Series Reviews...

Brooke has spent the past eleven years living with a man she thought would be her forever. One afternoon of unanswered phone calls reveals he isn’t the man she thought he was.
Just when things couldn’t get any worse, she’s forced to call upon a stranger for help.
Can Dylan save Brooke from her broken past or does he have secrets of his own that will destroy them before they even get started?

18 years and older
Previously released as Fixer of Deceit

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Reviewed by Cindy:

Deception is book one in the Fixer series. Deception is the story of Brooke Stone and Dylan Prescott. In the beginning of Deception Brooke is involved in a long term relationship with her boyfriend Stefan. Brooke loves Stefan and is very loyal to him. She is also very na├»ve. When Brooke starts working at Prescott Oil and Gas International. She meets Dylan Prescott. These two had an instant attraction to each other. The sexual tension was HOT!!! I found I had to cool off a few times. 

When Brooke catches Stefan cheating, she tries to break tings off with him. When this happens Stefan changes into someone Brooke doesn't know. He hits her and attempts to rape her. Brooke does get away and calls Dylan. This is how their relationship starts. Dylan wants to protect Brooke and he means to. 

Can I just say DAMN, I LOVED Dylan... He is the hot, alpha male I am drawn to when I read. I love the domineering man. 

Now like I said the sexual chemistry between these two is off the charts HOT!!! But, besides the hot sex, their is a nice story plot that pulled me in from page one. I could hardly believe that this is Alyson Raynes first book. She has blown me away!! I can't wait to get my hands on Promiscuous. Book two in the series. I gave Deception 5 fantastic stars!!    


A cold front was moving in and a slight chill moved through me. Knowing how he felt about me, I knew he would do anything to keep me safe. Committing murder wasn’t beneath him and it was dangerous for me to think that he could be involved in Amber’s death.

I was trapped in a dark place, scared with nothing to eat; barely breathing. I missed the man I could no long remember but knew existed long ago. The promise of rescue keeps me from losing what's left of my mind.

I loved him, believing he loved me too but time had passed, my memories scattered, almost non-existent. I longed for a closeness, to be with him; then realized I don't even know who he is.

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Reviewed by Cindy:

OMG!!! I have just recently discovered Alyson Raynes and I have fell in LOVE with the characters of The Fixer Series. Promiscuous picks up right where Deception left off. This book put me on a wild rollercoaster ride of emotions. Once I started reading it I was hooked. The story line is just so interesting and I was just pulled into the story of Dylan and Brooke. 

In Promiscuous so many things happen. Brooke’s sister Stephanie is attacked, but by who? A big secret is uncovered in the beginning of the book regarding Brooke and Stephanie’s ”father.” Brooke’s ex is being investigated for murder, and Brooke and Dylan get married in Ireland. But this is only the start of that rollercoaster ride. 

Dylan continues to be a Dominant Alpha male and tries to do everything in his power to keep his Princess safe. I LOVE Dylan he is my favorite kind of BBF.He is strong and tender and dominate and protective. He LOVES Brooke. 

“I love you Brooke. I have since the moment I first saw you. Don’t push me away. I won’t let you.” --Dylan 

And of course Brooke loves Dylan.

“I couldn’t get enough of Dylan Prescott, my lover, friend; fixer of everything.” ---- Brooke

We also get more Tristan in Promiscuous. He is super YUMMY!! He and Stephanie develop a relationship of sorts. I believe they would be perfect for each other.  I can’t wait to see what Mrs. Raynes has in store for his story!! 

Brooke has had some awful things happen to her as a child and these things come to light in Promiscuous. I mean she was really punished as a child by a monster. The things she went through. Its not really discussed if Stephanie also suffered the abuse or not. But with Dylan’s help Brooke is helped through all the things she discovers regarding her past. Dylan is her ROCK!!

Now just when you think oh they are married and will live their HEA. BAM!!! POW!!! Alyson throws a big fat monkey wrench into those plans. UGH!! After only being married one day a major twist happens again. Brooke is kidnapped but by who? 

Just when you think “Oh I got it” nope you don’t. I was so wrong about it. And that CRAZY twist at the end I was like ”HOLY HELL Alyson.” This isCRAZY!!! So unexpected. I mean when you find out who is involved in Brooke’s kidnapping you’ll be scratching your head. I NEVERNEW Brooke because I am sure she will be different. 

I gave Promiscuous 5 stars and can’t wait to get my hands on Redemption!!!

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