Monday, June 19, 2017

Foster Brothers Review...

I didn’t mean to have s*x with my foster brothers… 

I was given my name by the seven-year-old boy who found me by a dumpster wrapped in rags. 
Hudson said that he loved me at first sight and he'd never let me go. He kept his promise for as long as he could. He and Flint were my foster brothers until circumstances forced us apart. 
My life has always been hard and trouble just won’t seem to let me go. The chatroom is where I go to find a connection, but this time I get way more than I bargained for. 

My heart belongs to a girl I never met. 
I’m a fantasy maker. A name in a chatroom, a finger, and a voice, and if you’re standing on the balcony at Club Forbidden, I’m going to make you come. 
Except the girl with blonde hair like a pixie doesn’t leave it at that. She kisses me and tells me she wants more. I keep getting the feeling that I know her, but I break my rule and take her back to my place anyway. 
When I find out who she is I don’t know what to do , but I need to make sure she’s safe before time runs out. 

I’m a fighter, a brawler, an MMA champion. I take out my frustrations in the ring so I can be there for my brother. When he had to leave his NFL career behind, he gave up on everything, so finding a girl in his bed is a relief. Then I realize who she is and everything changes. 
Missi was my sister but she's all grown up now. I can't help the way she makes me feel and I'm damn well not going to feel guilty about it. 
I know there is something she’s not telling me, though, but whatever it is, I’m going to do what I do best and protect the ones I love for as long as I can. 

Foster Brothers is a 55,000-word standalone MFM MENAGE romance novel with a happy every after.



This book while really good was also kind of confusing.  There was a lot of back and forth between characters as well as past and present events.  There were also a lot of secrets.

When they were young Flint and Hudson saved Missi.  Now she shows up as an adult and none of them recognize each other.  When her life is in danger the brothers do what they can to protect her but is it enough?  Can the three of them work out the past and present to make things work now?

All in all it was a good book.  There was great character growth through out the book.  There was also a very well written plot.  The only issue I had was with the flow.  All the back and forth made for a little bit of a struggle.  The pace was also really good.

If you like menage books then this is a good pick for you.

4 stars!

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