Thursday, January 25, 2018

Tiger's Destiny Audio Book Review...

With three of the goddess Durga's quests behind them, only one prophecy now stands in the way of Kelsey, Ren, and Kishan breaking the tiger's curse. But the trio's greatest challenge awaits them: A life-endangering pursuit in search of Durga's final gift, the Rope of Fire, on the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal. 

It's a race against time, and the evil sorcerer Lokesh, in this eagerly anticipated fourth volume in the bestselling Tiger's Curse series, which pits good against evil, tests the bonds of love and loyalty, and finally reveals the tigers' true destinies once and for all.



OH MY GOD!!!  I literally just finished listening to this book.  It is not the first time I've read it and it's not the first time I was bawling at the end.  This re-read is due to the fact that the FINAL BOOK IS FINALLY about here.  I've been waiting for this fifth and final book for several years now.

This book feels like it moved the fastest out of all four of the books.  That could be the fact that this book had a lot to cover and was full of challenges.  There was always something exciting around every corner.  There was also a lot of sadness and loss in this book.  I don't feel like I could describe the book without giving absolutely everything away and I hate spoilers!

I am in love with these characters and cried several times through out this book where I cried (not the safest while driving).  The narrator Annika Boras has done an amazing job with all four of the audio books.  I truly hope that she does the final book as well.  The world that Colleen has created is one that I would want to live in.  I relate to Kelsey on a deeper level and honestly wish I had a journey like she did in my life (minus the mega shark, bear attack and many other misfortunes).  

I not only look forward to reading the final book in this series but continuing (rereading part) of her Egyptian series.  If you have not taken the time to read one of Colleen Houk's books then I would highly recommend them.  If you have enjoyed her books feel free to tell me which one is your favorite.

5 enchanted stars!

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