Monday, January 22, 2018

Beers, Lies and Alibis Review...

The Warblers Point series is back and it’s not all beers and Irish accents this time, revenge is being sought after and Murphy and Sophie won’t give up until they’re back on top. 

After the embarrassing display of Liam and Finn fighting over NOT wanting Sophie in her front yard, the gossip vine has made her to look like the town tramp which she isn’t and it has not only affected her social life but her business life as well and she only has the O’Leary boys to thank for it. 

Murphy Ryan, hunky Irishman of Warblers Point, can’t stand the fact that he lost his girl to pretty boy Booker James, aka The Sheila. After Murphy lost Fiona, he realized he wants her back in his life because he believes they belong together. He will do whatever it takes to make sure Fiona is back in his arms and as far away from the California boy as possible. 

Watch how Murphy and Sophie take it upon themselves to not only seek revenge but get what they want at any cost, no matter who they hurt. The lives, relationships and sanity of the O’Leary family are tested, questioned and pushed to the brink in the second book of the Warblers Point Series: Beers, Lies and Alibis.



This was an interesting conclusion to this duology.  

Murphy and Sophie have planned and set up their revenge to get the O'Leary's back in their lives.  But in the process they push them further away.  Fiona is struggling with life in California away from her family and getting used to life in the limelight with Booker.  Booker is trying to make things better for Fiona.  Liam is trying to fix his marriage and Finn is trying to win Booker's sister back.  But most importantly the patriarch of the O'Leary family is in the hospital.  With all this going on who will make it through and who won't?  Do Murphy and Sophie get their revenge or do they fail?

I struggled with this book even more than I struggled through the first one.  However, I enjoyed the characters and I had to know what happened to them in the end.  So I pushed through.  There was a lot going on and way too many main characters to follow.  I feel like this book should have been written in three parts or maybe four.  I feel like it would be better if there was a book about Fiona and Booker, one about Liam and his relationship and another about Finn and his relationship.  Possibly a book about the fourth brother (Brandon?) and his menagerie of relationship.  Meshing them all together made the book extremely hard to follow and screwed with the flow.

I love Meghan Quinn but these books were found slightly lacking for me.  I will not let that stop me from continuing to read her books.  I look forward to reading more books soon, preferably her Rom Com's.

3.5 stars

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