Monday, January 8, 2018

Huge 3D Review...

Everyone calls them the 3D brothers. 
Dane, Dylan, and Drew are triplets. It’s almost impossible to tell them apart. 
They leave me dazed. 
The other D’s I hear whispered on the wind are what make me hotter than a BBQ in Satan’s backyard. Devilish. 
I know they like to share more than just a family bucket of KFC and I can’t help but wish it was me they thought was finger licking good. It’s the other D’s that come to mind that leave me Delirious. I’ve seen them in their boxers, sauntering around the house like I’m not even there. I try not to look but Damn! Then I overhear them talking and suddenly I find out I’m the object of their Desire and it’s time to make a Decision that will change my life for good. 

HUGE 3D is book 5 in the Bestselling Huge series. All books are standalone romances. It's 47,000 words with a happy ever after ending. 

It includes Billion Dollar Daddy for your continued ready pleasure.



So glad there was yet another addition to the Huge series. 
Milly is struggling with how she feels and how people will see her in the end.  Her step brothers want her and don’t want to give up.  So when their parents go on a trip the boys pull out all the stops.  Dinner, baking, and a little fun in the pool.  Milly isn’t willing to give into her feelings and tear their family apart.  But when the truth is about to come out to their parents will she tell the truth or hide it and ruin everything?  Will they make it in the end?
I love the Huge series.  It is by far one of my favorite ménage series out there.  I will always turn to Stephanie when I need a good book and quick read.  These are short reads and in all honesty I was kind of expecting more from this book.  I felt like it should have been longer and they eventually move in together.  I want to see the truth come out to everybody.  Something more.  Not that it didn’t end well but I want to know if they are together years down the road. 
Hopefully there will be another book in this series so we can learn more about these characters.  They often make a reappearance.  So many questions left when it comes to these four characters.  I look forward to reading more by this author real soon.
5 huge stars!!!!!

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