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Emotionally Compromised Review...

Emotionally Compromised
By: A. Rosa

"A smile will get you far, but a smile and a gun will get you farther" -Al Capone.

Federal Agent Alex Turner deals better with guns than boyfriends, and prefers it that way. Her emotional range is bleak, but her aim is damn near perfect. 

Thinking saving the world is a far easier task than dating, Agent Turner springs at the opportunity to prevent young scientist Marcus Gibbs from selling his biological weapon to the highest bidder. With her goal in sight, and Marcus eating out of the palm of her hand, an obstacle she doesn't see coming interferes. Meet Jeremy Hunt -- the distractingly handsome CEO of Sunscape Biotechnologies, and Marcus's boss and best friend. 

A man who is accustomed to getting what he wants, Jeremy's never been one to take no for an answer, which has Agent Turner realizing for the first time that her wit might get her farther than her weapon. With no protocol or training to reference when it comes to matters of the heart, she worries that this might be her hardest assignment yet.



Why is she still pushing me away? This still can't be about Marcus. I mean, she

chose to be here with me. Why all these warnings? She talks a lot of talk, but her actions

have me confused. I've known her for such a short period and already I have moments

where I'd rather broker a multimillion-dollar deal than figure out what this damned girl is

telling me. Are women literal creatures? I have to admit this is not my forte.

She drags behind me, but with a hint of a smile playing on her lips that easily keeps

me interested. Dammit, Hunt, you have it bad.

The older gentleman, who sits behind the security counter, clears my entrance into

the building. "Good day, Mr. Hunt."

"Hello, Mitchell."

The man is in his mid-seventies and can't hide his judgments even if he tried. He

eyes the way I hold Alex's somewhat reluctant hand and pull her to the elevators. Yeah,

yeah, Mitchell, think whatever you want, you old coot.

Alex begins another plea. "Jeremy, please listen to me. I don't know if this is such a

good idea right now." She bobs on her heels.

"Stop telling me things like that. Don't you get it? I don't care." I am getting


Her teeth reach out and grab her bottom lip yet again, and I practically ache to taste

that lip. Did I mention all sorts of frustrated?

The door pings open, and she manages to free her hand from mine as she scoots

inside. Well, at least she isn't running.

This is such a new phenomenon to me. I have never doubted myself so much in my

life, but I also have never wanted anything so badly either.

I step inside, right in front of her, looking into her hazel eyes. They practically

twinkle with electricity in the fluorescent light as it catches their gold color. The doors

shut behind me, and the air in the small space becomes thick. The temperature rises from

the heat of our bodies in the confines of the ascending metal box.

She is trying her hardest to look anywhere but at me, and it makes me grin.

Still looking away, she huffs, "I think you may be the most frustrating man I have

ever met too."

I analyze her features, completely in awe of her, and I still don't know why. Maybe

because you always want what you can't have. My reasons most definitely include her

button nose, high, rosy cheekbones, wide puppy eyes, and waves of black locks that beg

to be played with.

As if losing patience with the silence, she peers up at me. Her eyes widen at the eye

contact, and her playful smirk is back, causing the corner of my mouth to rise too. The

attraction is there, I can sense it. Our stare is like a tractor beam neither of us can break. I

want to kiss her.

"Don't even think about it, Jeremy." Did she just read my mind? "Yeah, it's that

obvious, and I am telling you, don't do it."

My eyebrows shoot up in wry amusement, but it's as if she is daring me. I lean

toward her. She doesn't take a step back, but instead raises her hand and places it on my

chest in a haphazard attempt to stop me.

"Will you ever listen to a damn word I say?" She nearly growls, but oddly lets her

lips slip into a smile.

It is all a game and I never lose. Her persistence only makes it seem more like a

challenge that I can't ignore, and I know all I want is to kiss that wonderful mouth.

She's smiling as I get closer. "Jeremy, please."

With her hand languidly resting on my chest, our lips finally touch. I can feel her

wonderfully rewarding grin against my mouth. I don't want to stop, and she doesn't resist.

If anything, she eggs me on as she lets her hand drag over my chest, sending delicious

goose bumps all over my body. The kiss is gentle and passionate as her lips command


Her hand climbs up my neck, and she tangles her fingers into my hair, anchoring me

to her. Carnal hunger takes over as she lets me part her lips, tasting her sinful flavor, and

our tongues twist around each other. My skin burns as if it's on fire.

I bring my hand up to cup her face as I back her up against the wall, pinning her with

my hips, and she lets out a quiet moan. My pants strain at the sound. I have never felt

such an explosion of need for another human being.

There is no sign of us wanting to stop as my free hand hungrily glides down her

waist to her thigh, forcing her to wrap her legs around me as I press harder against her.

Ping. The elevator doors open.

For the first time in my life, I think I might have actually met my match, because we

don't bother to look, stop, or even fidget. Not in the slightest.

"Excuse me! I said, 'Excuse me,'" someone shouts from the hallway.

Ping. The doors shut.

Who was it? I don't know and don't care. All I know is they didn't bother stepping

inside, and I finally get to take that wonderful lip between my teeth and tug.

She roughly pulls me into another passionate kiss, and all I can think is I want more,

so much more.

Ping. The elevator doors open again. This must be my floor now.

Before I can form some plan of action, she pushes me away with an amount of

strength that surprises me.

We are out of breath. The rush from whatever just happened has me feeling as if I

ran a marathon. I can't wipe the stupid grin off my face. She shakes her head, as if trying

to shake the situation from her mind, and continues to push me off her as she reclaims her

body and its limbs.

She takes in one final fill of oxygen, and says with force, "You get one free pass,

Jeremy, one, and that was it."

This time, she is the one grabbing my hand as she pulls me out of the elevator. As if

this is my fault.

I don't know much, but I do know it takes two to tango.


Reviewed by Kayla:

Alex Turner and Jeremy Hunt have a hot relationship. They have a spicy relationship of love and lust. They should be looking out for themselves but they end up taking care of one another instead. They are having a hard time following their hearts. I was hoping all through the book for a happily ever after but something happens and it makes them have to evaluate their feelings. There is a thrill of romance with some danger. It makes for a good book. I enjoyed the adventure and romance in this book. It was a great read. I give it 4 out of 5 stars!


A. Rosa lives in San Diego, California. When she isn’t scouring city parks or cafe’s to write she is more than likely trying to convince her friends to join her on her next adventure. A sufferer of wanderlust, she is always looking for a new mountain to climb, a canyon to hike, or a plane to board. Her resume consists of coroner, to working at a zoo, and most recently as an executive assistant, but finds her home amongst words, whether it be in books, or in film. Her obsessions are on the brink of bizarre, but that’s just the way she likes it. 

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