Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Love Burned Deep Review...

Sometimes the past stays in the past, and other times it can follow you forever. All Rachel wanted was to live a life of happiness and have her husband all to herself. Cody had a rough start as a troubled kid addicted to drugs, but with a lot of help and support, he turned himself around and became a top notch firefighter who was head over heels in love with Rachel.

Not everyone was as lucky as Cody. Jealousy from a past love and fellow addict threatens to tear him and Rachel apart and send their happiness up in flames. Cody has no idea how to face this situation from his past and save his marriage.

Love, trust, and the hope of one day having a family together keep Rachel from walking away from Cody and his past and never looking back. Will her faith in her man and their love be enough to overcome evil, or will they forever be burned?

Okay I went into reading this book knowing it would be a quick read because everything I've read by Nickie has been.  I did not however expect for it to take 45 minutes for me to read this book.  This novella is a fun short read and I wish it had been much longer than it was.

I feel like there should have been a bit more back story or maybe just story.  The entire time I was reading I felt like I was missing something, but couldn't figure out what it was.  Cody and Rachel are a cute couple trying to work through his obsessive ex.  Things escalate to the point where Rachel has a nightmare and something both awful and good happens, depending on how you look at it.

I guess I feel that this book should have been just a little bit longer than it was.  Like I said I felt like there was something I was missing.  Good book though and I would definitely recommend it.  Nickie is an amazing author and I look forward to more great books by her soon.


4 out of 5 stars

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