Friday, November 10, 2017

Tattooed Love Review...

When your heart rules your mind, you don’t get to choose who you love. But what if that love could lead to your own destruction? 
Amber is a rebellious high school senior and the only girl in a family of outlaw bikers. Her four brothers left when she was young to keep her away from their style of life, but despite their efforts, she’s wrapped up in criminal activities and her life is rapidly spiraling out of control. 

With her life finally going up in flames, adding fuel to that fire is smoldering and infamous biker Jax. As she begins to fall for her dangerous love and throw caution to the wind, Amber might not be able to turn back from the risky path she’s chosen... 

Being together might be dangerous, but, after all, outlaws are meant to break the rules. 



This book had it’s moments when it was really, really good and it’s moments where it was really, really bad.  The general plot was great which caught my attention.  I enjoyed most of the characters, some I disliked.  But you have that with any book I think.
So it follows Jax the leader of the local biker charter, since his father is in prison, and Amber whose path in life is murky at best.  Amber is a gang member when we meet her and in an abusive relationship.  Jax is on parole and forced to go to school and move in with his co-presidents father and sister.  When Amber’s life seems to be falling apart her father brings her brothers in to help her get back on the right track.  Does it work?  Or does she get pulled further in?  Can she ever be done with the life?  Can a relationship between Jax and Amber ever work?  Will she get her happy ending with a criminal or be left alone in the end?
So it was a slow starting book as you learn about the characters.  Then it picks up.  I absolutely cannot stand the last chapter of this book.  I think it would have been best if that part had been left out because now your thinking about where she went and if Jax ever finds her in the end to find out who she was talking about.  There were holes in it and I was annoyed by it so much.  The middle is obviously the best part.  Once I got into it I really enjoyed it but like I said the way it ended really made me mad.  Amber and Jax had their happy ending why did that last chapter have to happen and ruin it.
All in all it was a decent book.  I would definitely read more by the author and hope to read more about these characters so that they can get their happy ending.
4 stars

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