Thursday, November 9, 2017

Love Of Liberty Review...

Author's Note: This novella is for 18yrs and above. It contain a M/M/F relationship. 

Liberty Long knew her troubles were going to bite her on the butt one day. She just didn’t expect the outcome to be surprisingly good. If it wasn’t for the help of her best friend, her boyfriend, and her boss, she would be sitting next to Satan himself laughing at how stupid she’d been. 

Damien Lewis knew Liberty, his sister’s best friend, came with drama and a little bit of crazy. What he didn’t expect was his reaction when he caught Liberty kissing her boss. Then again, he thought his sister was weird for having two boyfriends, so maybe it was just rubbing off on him. 

Liam Michaels knew Liberty, his opinionated employee, was trouble the moment she walked into his office and his body reacted to her. Two years of keeping their relationship professional, he didn’t expect to meet her boyfriend and wonder what it would be like to share Liberty with Damien. 

Will Damien be willing to explore the possibility of more? Then again, anything can happen when it comes down to the love of Liberty.




I have been waiting to get my hands on this book since I read Left to Chance the first time.  Several years later it arrives and I couldn’t bring myself to read it because I knew it would go too fast and then it would be over.  Guess what it took a whole three hours (give or take) to finish and I want more, so I was right!

So in Left to Chance you briefly meet Damian and Liam and see a lot of Liberty.  I was most intrigued by Liam because you just get the briefest of information on him prior to this book.  No idea what he looks like, just that he is a jerk.  Damian seems like a normal happy go lucky ladies’ man in Left to Chance so to see him react to Liam was interesting.  Then you add smart mouthed Liberty and you have quite the trio here.  How they all come together is interesting as well.  I loved meeting Liberty’s mother and long lost paternal grandmother.  Liam’s family was fun to meet as well and in that situation we learn a lot about Liam and why he is so into the situation they are in.  We already knew Damian’s family but I loved watching him let go and go with the flow of the relationship.  His freak outs are pretty epic though.  I also enjoyed the introduction of the biker trio and hope to see more with these trios together.

This is a fun and entertaining read.  I haven’t read a Lila Rose book that I didn’t love though.  Although Left to Chance is my favorite book this one is a close second.  I will definitely be reading more of Lila’s books soon.  She portrays so much hilarity and conflict in her books and it is an interesting mix.  I think this is why they are so entertaining.  You are never sure whether to laugh or cry or punch something.  It’s a flood of feelings all at the same time.  Anywho, I love the plot of this book and truly enjoyed getting to know these three better.  Look forward to digging into Pick, Billy and Josie’s story soon.

5 loving stars

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