Monday, November 13, 2017

I Dare You To Love Me Review...

It’s senior year. He rules the school. She just wants to make it to graduation. With prom only six weeks away, and his reputation at stake - will Brian be able to get “Scary Pants” out on a date? 

Brian Royland is the golden boy of Palm Beach High. He’s smart, handsome, athletic, and charming. He could get any girl in school - but he procrastinated and is now dateless for the most important dance of the year. When he hears about the new girl, Iris Newman aka “Scary Pants”, Brian is intrigued. But when Brian’s friends doubt he’ll succeed in scoring her as his prom date, bets start flying, and she turns into a prize to be won. 

Iris has set several goals for herself; make sure her older sister has a smooth pregnancy, help her recently single mother support and manage their family, and find a way to stop her band’s bass guitarist from asking her out every week. She doesn’t have the time or the energy to deal with the arrogant and pesky Brian Royland, who is suddenly determined to get her out on a date. 

It only takes six weeks for them to realize they have both experienced great loss. Surrounded by mayhem and high school drama - could they be the key to each other’s healing?



Not all families are perfect and not all people lead the life they seen too. Iris seems to be a mean Ice Witch and people avoid her. But once you get to know her she is sweet and kind. Then there is Bryan who is the all-star jock that everybody loves. But is everything as it seems in his life. Bryan is bet he can't get Iris to go to Prom with him. Can he do it? Will the relationship become something more? I enjoyed this book. The characters were amazingly written and realistic. The plot was well written, unique and fun. Loved the writing style. It flowed well and loved the pace of the book. Everything worked well together. I felt like I belonged in the story myself.

4 stars!

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