Saturday, December 3, 2016

November Book Haul!!!

So November was mostly a month of getting books that I had pre-ordered and a few that I bought on Black Friday but not all of those came in yet.

So this one I got from the publisher for a review.  I could not find my copy of the book (probably still out in my car) for the pictures so this is the cover from  I did already read this book and it was SOO good.  The review went live on 12/1 but be forewarned I kind of went off on a rant in the review!

Then I got The Bookworm Box.  Ironically just a few hours before I got home to open this book I had The Lovely Reckless in my hand to buy.  I have almost bought this book SO many times but the money was always needed for something else.  Needless to say I was beyond excited to get the book in this box!  I look forward to reading it real soon, maybe next!

So I ordered this when I pre-ordered Too Late from Colleen's website.  I loved the art from Confess so I absolutely had to start my collection of these.  Can't wait to get a new place where I can hang this and all my other book related art.

I pre-ordered this at the Fierce Reads event I went to at the beginning of October.  It came at the beginning of November and I plan to dive into it this month, I hope.

I have several of Christina's doodles (can't wait to hang them again) so as soon as I saw a coloring book would be coming out I pre-ordered it via Amazon.  I started coloring in it as soon as I pulled it out of the box.  I love this book and look forward to delving into some of the more in-depth pages.

As I no longer work at the library and couldn't get this book first I had to buy it.  I went to Wal-Mart and bought it on the day it came out.  I started it but haven't made it too far into it yet.  Huge Stephanie Plum fan here.  Can't wait to see what kind of craziness Stephanie gets into this time.

I have made two stops and one online order from Barnes & Noble this month.  Still waiting on an audiobook from the online order though.  At the beginning of the month I stopped and go Illuminae and Replica.  I have heard great things about these books and couldn't pass them up.  

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving I stopped in Barnes & Noble to grab a copy of Fantastic Beast Screenplay for my cousin and I found a Doctor Who Double Graphic Novel so I snatched that up.

On Black Friday I ordered my own copy of Fantastic Beasts (I started it as soon as I opened the box) as well as three audiobooks.  I got Uncommon Criminals and Six of Crows so far.

This is everything I got in November (minus The Other Einstein of course).  I am well into Fantastic Beast and the coloring book.  I am slowly working through Stephanie Plum as well.  As for the rest I can't wait to get started.

I did order a bunch of books on Black Friday and I have two subscription boxes coming in December so there will be a decent haul next month!

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