Monday, December 26, 2016

A 2-Step Game Review...

Two men. One college co-ed. Passion filled nights none will ever forget.
Larisa pretended to do exactly what her mother thought she was doing – studying hard at school, but what she didn’t know is that her daughter was hitting far more than the books.
Now Larisa’s home from school and two of her former lovers have been welcomed with open arms into her family home.
What’s a girl to do? Push the steaming hot memories out of her mind or face them head on and see what happens?
The temperature is rising for this too-close-for-comfort threesome and temptation is about to get the best of them.
With passions ignited and their hearts on the line, will there be any winner in this seductive game of tag?
This is a steamy, standalone 20k words novella with loads of juiciness and explicit content, suitable for mature audience only. For a limited time, this novella comes with 10 super steamy menage stories as your special bonus.
I had conflicting thoughts about this book.  So one year ago she had a one night stand at a club with an older man.  Now she meets him again only he is now her step-father.  While her mother is out of town and she is home for Thanksgiving they have an affair.  Then they whopper hits when her best friend/the guy she slept with just a few days ago shows up and is announced to be her new step brother.  How does she get out of this now?
So while I truly enjoyed this book it was a very convoluted plot that I had a few issues following which man she was with and when.  I got the general idea and wow was it steamy.  However the flow needed work and I needed some more background on the characters.  It makes a good quick and steamy read but that is about it.
3.5 steamy stars

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