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With This Ring Cover Reveal...

Book: With This Ring (Wedding Dreams #1)
Author: Savannah Leigh
Genre: Romance/Erotica/Contemporary
Release date: August
13, 2013
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Lily is a thirty-two year old single
woman who owns Wedding Dreams. She spends her days planning weddings for other
people. She is a realist, and knows that marriage is not in the cards for her.
Drew Hamilton is a thirty-six year old
lawyer who has no desire to have a wife or family. But, he is plagued by his
desire to grant his mother’s only wish.
When Drew meets Lily at a wedding, he
thinks he has a solution to both of their problems. If only Lily sees it the
same way.
“I accepted long ago that I’m never
getting married. Why would I? My parents fought all the time, every boyfriend I’ve
ever had cheated on me at least once, and most of our couples end up divorced
before the ink is dry on the wedding license. I’ve seen what happened tonight
probably a dozen times, but that doesn’t make it any easier to watch, and I
certainly don’t make jokes about it. Not to mention, I really needed this event
to lead to other events, and while tonight’s epic failure wasn’t my company’s
fault, having our name attached won’t be good for business. I have no idea what
we’re going to do.”

I’m rambling now, but his body is
suddenly brushing against mine, and the heat of his skin is driving me insane.

“Your business is in trouble?”

His voice is close, too close, and I
feel his warm breath against my ear. For some inexplicable reason, I tilt my
head, and I shudder when I feel his nose glide across my neck. His hand finds
my knee before sliding beneath the fabric of my pencil skirt.

“We may have to close,” I whisper,
trying not squirm as he lifts my skirt a little higher. “Nobody wants a wedding

“I want a wedding planner.”


Savannah Leigh is a small-town girl with big city
dreams. She has always had a love of romance novels and never thought she would
actually be able to publish one of her own. Savannah is inspired by photos of
shirtless men on the internet, hot actors in steamy scenes, and her own
fantasies.  A lover of wine and Bailey’s
Irish Cream, Savannah enjoys spending time with friends and reading steamy

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