Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Law of Attraction Cover Reveal...

Title:  The Law of Attraction
Author:  N. M. Silber
Expected Publication Date:  August 30, 2013
Genre:  Contemporary Romance - Adult

A funny, hot, and sexy new release from N. M. Silber.

Once upon a time two lawyers fell in love across a courtroom...Gabrielle Ginsberg was a public defender with plenty of nerve and Braden Pierce was an assistant district attorney with a whole lot of swagger.  
Gabrielle wanted Braden and Braden wanted Gabrielle.  
And Cameron wanted Gabrielle.  
And Marla wanted Braden.  
And Cole wanted Gabrielle. 
 And Mr. Mason wanted Braden.  
And an anonymous letter writer wanted to keep Gabrielle and Braden apart.

Together Gabrielle and Braden discovered many important things, like which doors at the courthouse actually locked, and that desks could be useful for more than writing.  They also found out that the path of love was not always smooth, and it was sometimes tread upon by some really wacky people, like a confused fanny grabber, an eighty-two year old pothead and a gentleman who threw a wine and cheese party in his pants.  Could true love overcome a lack of privacy, interference by jealous rivals and the insanity of the criminal court system?

NOTICE:  This book contains explicit descriptions of sexual situations and mature language.  It is intended for readers over the age of eighteen.


Once upon a time...N. M. Silber was a criminal defense attorney who got up each morning, donned her power suit and sensible pumps, downed a gallon of coffee and set out to "fight the good fight" while trying to not go insane.  Having a dark sense of humor and a sarcastic wit helped -- a lot.  Another thing that helped was reading.  As escapism was the goal, she liked to read romance novels, especially really funny ones and really smutty ones.  Then one day something beautiful happened -- she read one that was both funny and smutty at the same time.  She hung up her power suit, put away her sensible pumps and moved her coffee mug to her computer.  Now she writes funny and  smutty romance novels herself and she lives happily ever after.


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