Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Honeymoon From Hell 4: Truce Review...

This is how it all started, Robert Bradford set the tone for all the men in his family to come and he did it the only way that he knew how, but driving Elizabeth crazy and making sure that she would never forget how much he loved her.



I was a bit confused with how this book started and wasn’t sure where it was going.  It ended up so good though.  This one starts in the past and goes to the present and Jared telling Robert and Elizabeth’s honeymoon story.  However, is it really considered a Honeymoon when it happens almost two years after the wedding.  Maybe it was back then. 
All in all it was a hilariously twisted tale of the worst things that could possibly happen.  Robert realizes that his wife needs a break from their twin devils and decides to take her on the Honeymoon she truly deserves.  Stubborn as he is he refuses to accept the generous help his brother and their families have offered and wants to do it on his own.  Bad goes to worse in just a short while.  Robert and Elizabeth have got to have the worst Honeymoon in the history of honeymoons and I would be deathly afraid to take one too after hearing that story but it wouldn’t stop me.  I would just be a little more vigilante of my surroundings.
Great book and I loved hearing more about these two brilliant characters.  I loved getting a better view of the Honeymoon curse and where it originated.  Great writing.  However, I did feel that this one was a little bit choppy.  It was difficult to follow in the beginning.  I still thoroughly enjoyed it however, it does knock a little bit off the rating for me.
4 stars

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