Monday, July 3, 2017

Honeymoon From Hell 1: Playing For Keeps Review...

Jason loves Haley more than anything and after finally deciding that she was his, he decides that it's time that he makes sure that she's his forever............

Which may or not involve kidnapping her across state lines, holding her hostage and calling for back up.



I was so glad when I was on Amazon and found that the Honeymoon From Hell books were available in e-book format.  I quickly downloaded them and read this one as soon as I finished Playing For Keeps. 
The Bradford men are cursed when it comes to honeymoons but Jason doesn’t care.  He is bound and determined to give Haley the perfect honeymoon.  But things go bad pretty quickly for our newly married couple when first Haley hurts herself.  From there things just get worse and worse for them until the epitome when they are caught in the pool by their families and a handful of other bystanders. 
I have always wondered what happened on a Bradford honeymoon and after one book I am intrigued to continue reading them.  This book was absolutely frickin’ hilarious!  I don’t know that anything more could possibly go wrong for these two.  Thank you R. L. for making these available to us.  I definitely look forward to reading more of these books ASAP!
5 stars!

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