Sunday, October 2, 2016

September Reading Recap...

In September I read a lot of books and while I didn't enjoy all of them most of them were really good.  As you will most likely see from this list I am working back into the YA scene after taking a little break to delve into some more adult books.  I try to keep things at a happy medium for everybody but I am not a fan of everything.  Yet!

Anyways, here is the list of what I read this month and where possible a brief reason why I did or didn't like it.  I split it into formats read as.


Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce - 5 stars
Mastiff by Tamora Pierce - 5 stars


Called Up by Jen Doyle - 3.5 stars (review posted)
The Playbook by Kelly Elliott - 5 stars (review posted)
Jessica's Neighborhood Serial 1 - 3 by Jul Kelo - averaged about 3 stars for all three (no review on blog).  There was no story just sex.  Not a fan of that kind of book myself.
Mail Order Bride: Miss Hopeful by Laura Fletcher - 4 stars (no review on blog) If you like Janette Oke you would enjoy this short story.  Short and sweet.
Charming by Jennifer Miller - 5 stars (review posted)
Spindle by Shonna Slayton - 4.5 stars (review posted)
Forever Mine by Mary B. Moore - 4 stars (review posted with More Than Forever Review Tour)
Drawn Deeper by Brenda Rothert - 4.5 stars (review posted)
The Carver by Jacob Devlin - 3.5 stars (review posted)
Broken God by Nazarea Andrews - 3.5 stars (review posted)
More Than Forever by Mary B. Moore - 3.5 stars (review posted)
Silver by K. A. Linde - 5 stars (review posted) 

Actual Book Format:

Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here by Anna Breslaw - 5 stars (review posted)
It Ends With US by Colleen Hoover - 5 stars (review to come)

This month was a good month for e-books but a crappy month for actual books.  I did average about 3.5 books a week.  There were a few I really struggled through and some I truly loved.  I did make it half way through two other books and can't wait to finish them because they are really good so far!

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