Monday, January 4, 2016

What Not to Bare Review...

In Megan Frampton’s witty historical romance, a woman is judged by her gown, and a man by his reputation—until both are shed in one sexy moment of seduction.

Lady Charlotte Jepstow certainly knows how to make an impression—a terrible one. Each one of her ball gowns is more ostentatiously ugly than the one before. Even she has been forced to wonder: Is she unmarried because of her abysmal wardrobe, or does she wear clashing clothing because she doesn’t want to be pursued in the first place? But when Charlotte meets Lord David Marchston, suddenly a little courtship doesn’t sound so bad after all.

David will be the first to admit he’s made some mistakes. But when he gets yanked from his post by his superiors, he is ordered to do the unthinkable to win back his position: woo his commander’s niece. If David wants his life back, he must use his skills as a negotiator to persuade society that Charlotte is a woman worth pursuing, despite her rather unusual “flair” for color. But David does such a terrific job that he develops an unexpected problem, one that violates both his rakish mentality and his marching orders: He’s starting to fall in love.

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from these Loveswept titles: Hero of My HeartBaring It All, andAfter the Kiss.


Charlotte is known as the Abomination of society due to the outlandish outfits she wears.  Lord David is back in town after scandal befalls him at home in India.  David is tasked with courting the outlandish Charlotte, by her uncle, it he wants to go back to India.  Does courting become more?  Can David look past Charlotte's fashion choices?  Do we find out why Charlotte dresses the way she does?

I truly enjoyed this book.  I am a huge historical fiction lover and this book caught my attention quickly and kept it.  This book is unique because of the Lady Charlotte character.  The characters were fun, creative, well formed and very dynamic.  The plot was intriguing and fun.  The flow and pace were also good.  I love the authors style and creativity.  I felt like a part of this book.

If you enjoy a good period piece then I would recommend this book.  It was interesting and funny.  However, I don't remember hearing about when exactly it took place.  Still a great book and I would definitely recommend it.

5 colorful stars!

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