Monday, January 4, 2016

End of Year Post...

So I know we are well into the New Year already...well 4 days but who's counting...but I realized I didn't do an end of year post.  I read a ton of great books and as it was absolutely impossible for me to narrow it down to less that 75 decided to do something different this year.  Yes trying to decide what my favorites were is why this post is being done FOUR DAYS into the new year.  Anyways, instead of my favorite books here are my top five favorite authors of the year (as some of them I read multiple books by and loved them all):

5.) Chelsea Fine
4.) Michelle Valentine
3.) Rick Riordan
2.) Lacey Wolfe
1.) Colleen Hoover

That being said I look forward to reading more by these authors this year.  This year is once again mainly a catch up year.  I have thousands of books on my kindle and until last year most of them have gone unread.  Now that I have a couple hundred under my belt from there I am going to continue the streak.  I am starting with the oldest and working my way forward.  I am also deleting the read ARC's from my kindle as I go in order to keep plenty of space on it.  However, I will also be adding review tours to the list of books read, just not to the same scale as I was when I first started doing tours a few years ago.

At the end of December I had to go through and rearrange my bookshelves because I needed one of the ones in the kitchen for storage.  I had no idea how many books I had and I just keep adding more.  It's a never ending cycle.

Anyways, last year my Goodreads goal was 275 books and I read 280.  This year I am going to dig a little deeper and aim for 300 books.  I am doing well so far and have already completed four books this year.  Good luck to all of you as you dive into another year of awesome books!

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