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Distracted By Her Review...


Today we have the blog tour for Distracted by Her by Caitlyn Blue. Check out this fantastic contemporary romance and grab your copy today!!

About Distracted by Her:

Windy City Millionaire Devlin Stone is about to discover that love and revenge don't mix.

Fifteen years ago my father went to jail for crime he didn't commit. Now, I'm back to take revenge on the man who sent him there. He believes himself untouchable, and for the most part, he is. His daughter, however, is very touchable and well within my reach.

I remember her as a sweet kid, who took piano lessons from my mother. These days she's a complicated woman, who has a knack for distracting me from my retribution.

She wants to save me. I intend to ruin her. Things are going to get interesting.

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I wasn’t a huge fan of this book.  The characters were well formed and dynamic.  The plot was decent.  I have never read anything by this author before.  I had difficulty feeling a connection to this book.  It is rare for me to like a book that I couldn’t connect with.  That being said I did not hate the book.  There are so many things that I did enjoy such as the characters and plot.  The flow and pace were decent and the authors writing style was good.  If I had been able to connect with the book it would definitely be a five star book.  That in mind I would definitely be willing to try something else by this author in the hopes that I get that connection I need.  Needless to say the disconnect I felt lowers the rating to 3.5 stars. 

About Caitlyn Blue:

Voracious reader with an overactive imagination, chocolate addict, lover of fancy cocktails and tasty edibles, sucker for adventure movies and any music with a beat.

When not writing, Caitlyn loves to connect with her readers for whom she's extremely grateful. Join her VIP list to stay up to date on giveaways and exclusive offers.

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