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Your Inescapable Love Review...

Today we have the release blitz of Your Inescapable Love by Layla Hagen! Grab your copy today and enter Layla’s giveaway today!

About Your Inescapable Love:

*A new sizzling friends-to-lovers romance from a USA TODAY Best-selling Author*

*This book is a stand-alone. Each book in The Bennett Family series will follow a different couple.*

Max Bennett was nine years old the first time he met Emilia. The two formed a tight friendship that lasted for years until she moved away. Now, years later, Max enjoys a successful career, and his brilliant business sense helped him take his family’s company to the next level. Max loves his life: carefree and fun. He has everything he wants and does not intend to settle down anytime soon (even though his family might have other ideas).

But when a chance encounter brings him face-to-face with Emilia, he starts questioning everything. The girl he last saw years ago has grown into a beautiful woman with sensual curves and a smile he can’t get out of his mind. Their chemistry is sizzling, and between old memories and new challenges, the two form an undeniable connection.

Emilia Campbell has a lot on her plate, taking care of her sick grandmother. Still, the twenty-eight-year-old physical therapist faces everything with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. The one area in her life where she’s not too optimistic is love. After practically being left at the altar, Emilia has sworn off men. Until the childhood friend she hero-worshiped and hasn’t quite forgotten steps into her clinic. Max is every bit the troublemaker she remembers, only now he has a body to drool over and a smile to melt her panties. Not that she intends to do the former, or let the latter happen.

They are both determined not to cross the boundaries of friendship. But as they spend more time together, their chemistry spirals out of control. Can Emilia trust her childhood hero with the key to her heart and accept she might have found her one true love?

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 “I think it’s every man’s fantasy to be stuck with a woman in an elevator,” Max says. “And when it happens to me, I’m nearly having a damn panic attack.”
I’d say you’re doing fine, Bennett. You scared me a little in the beginning, but now you’re looking good.” I’m pleased to observe that he seems more at ease than before. His breathing pattern is calmer, even though his hands are still curled into fists. He also eyes the floor right next to me from time to time, which is a telltale sign he’s not completely at ease. Almost driven by a will of its own, my hand inches closer to his, reaching for him. I touch the back of his hand with my fingers. At first, nothing happens, but then he opens his fist, letting me in. Having my hand in his feels familiar and new at the same time, which I suppose is the perfect way to sum up our renewed friendship. Trying to ignore the way my body hums at his nearness, I scoot even closer to him, until my left hip touches his right hip. Max moves our intertwined hands on his lap. “I knew I had to get you to talk in order to distract you.”
You’re a distraction all by yourself. Especially since your skirt slid up when you sat.”
Oh crap.” I inspect my skirt, and sure enough, it slid up my thighs. Damn me and my habit of wearing skirts on the way to work and only changing into training gear at the clinic. My ass is not hanging out, but there’s enough to see if you look closely. And Max definitely is looking closely. That’s why he was peering down regularly. It wasn’t a sign of nervousness. It was a sign of him being a pervert. I’ve been so focused on him, I didn’t even notice my panties are almost on display. Hastily I cover myself, pulling at my skirt and wishing it were longer. “Why didn’t you say something?”
And ruin all my fun? I’m not stupid.”
I, on the other hand, am an idiot. A complete and utter idiot.”
No, you’re not.” He opens his mouth as if he would like to add more, but then closes it again.
I remain silent, watching the vein pulsing at the base of his neck. Up close, I can smell his scent beneath the cologne, and it’s intoxicating, awakening every single cell in my body. Unexpectedly, he turns my palm up, tracing the almost invisible white line at the base.
The scar almost faded,” he murmurs. “Did you tell anyone how you really got it?” he inquires.
No, I kept our secret. Did you?” On the night before Grams and I moved to Montana, I snuck out of my house to meet Max for a farewell walk around the places we used to hang around. I cut my palm badly in the process.
I don’t kiss and tell, Emilia.” I don’t know if its the fact that he used kiss and Emilia in the same sentence, or that his tone is low and husky, but a delicious shiver slithers down my spine. With his thumb, he draws little circles at the base of my palm, driving me crazy. How can a gesture so innocent stir so many sinful sensations inside of me? My breath hitches as I hear Max swallowing hard. Risking a glance at him, I notice his jaw is clenched, as if he is exerting the utmost self-control. Raising my hand, he places a kiss on my scar. The contact sends a jolt directly to my center.
I let out a sound somewhere between a moan and a groan, energy strumming through me. Max turns his head toward me, focusing on my mouth. He is so close. I’d barely have to tip my head, and.... Almost involuntarily, I lick my lower lip.
A groan reverberates from deep inside Max. “Are you trying to kill me?”
Shaking my head, I become acutely aware that our hands are still intertwined. Worse still, we’re both shaking. To someone watching us, it wouldn’t be noticeable. But I can feel it in my bones. Our last vestiges of control are about to give in. I pry my hand out of his and push myself further away in an attempt to put some distance between us, but as soon as I move my ass, my damn skirt slides upward again.
Fucking hell,” Max exclaims, his gaze following the hem of my skirt as if he wants to set it on fire. Cursing, I cover myself again. He snaps his gaze away, staring at the door instead.


I enjoyed reading about another Bennett sibling so much.  Emilia was adopted into the Bennett family when she was dropped at her Grandmothers house at a young age.  She met Max one day when she wandered into the Bennett’s yard looking for shelter from a storm.  After not seeing each other for a long time she runs into Max again when he needs Physical Therapy and she is his therapist.  Can these two just be friends?  Will they finally admit how they have always felt about each other?
I enjoy the characters in the Bennett family.  This book however touches on some deep subjects such as abandonment and Alzheimer’s disease.  I absolutely love the writing style.  The story/plot was just wow, I’m still speechless.  The characters are amazing and really well written.  The flow and pace were fantastic.
I can’t wait to read more about this great family.  I have read two of the books and in all honesty I don’t feel like I was missing anything at all.  So this series can definitely be read out of order if you are like me and have read the second and the fourth books.  Such a great series so far!
5 stars!


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About Layla Hagen:

I fell in love with books when I was nine years old, and my love affair with stories continues even now, many years later. I write romantic stories and can’t wait to share them with the world. And I drink coffee. Lots of it



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